Solar Return Annual Reading (Birthday: Next 12 months)

Solar Return Annual Reading (Birthday: Next 12 months)


The ideal Annual check-in - for less than $1 a day! Each year at your birthday the Sun returns to where it was when you were born. The Solar Return Chart for that moment symbolically lasts a full 12-months. This special Reading covers the entire period from your birthday this year to next year's birthday, outlining the year's New Themes, challenges, opportunities, people & life events. Track the next chapter of your life.

Highly Popular with regular clients at birthday time or during the year.

80-minute Reading comes with your own 365 day Transit Report specific to YOUR Chart ---- plus a FREE audio copy of your Reading!

We'll explore your Solar Return on its own, then in conjunction with your Natal and overlay of Houses (something many Astrologers don't do), planetary transits, eclipses and special events that show up in your Year Ahead.

If you'd like something written, you can also order a Solar Return Report Package which combines two awesome written reports specific to your alignments in the coming year.

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