Indra Report

Indra Report

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The INDRA Report is a psychological mirror of your life, by interpreting the astronomical symbols present at your moment of birth. Discover your basic motivations, perceptions, inclinations, and character from a number of different perspectives giving a highly accurate composite view of your life.

Your life can improve quickly and dramatically if you apply the suggestions given here. The INDRA Report is divided into Twelve sections or chapters, reflecting the Twelve basic areas of your life.

I. The Structure and Intent of Your Life A. Hemisphere and Quadrant Emphasis B. Elements and Modes Balanced C. Ascendant and Midheaven. D. The Conjunctions II. THE SUN - Your ego structure. III. THE MOON - Your personal life. IV. MERCURY - Your mental life. V. VENUS - Your love nature. VI. MARS - Your energy. VII. JUPITER - Your values. VIII. SATURN - Your obligations. IX. URANUS - Your search for freedom. X. NEPTUNE - Your spiritual aspirations and ideals. XI. PLUTO - Your need for fundamental change. 

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