Friends and Lovers

Friends and Lovers


Choose FRIEND or LOVER. This report examines you "in relationship." Your birth chart is analyzed, then the chart of another person and then we compare them. It will give you real insight into how exactly you relate (or will relate) to that specific other person. You'll uncover your strengths and weakness, your unique challenges, and what roles you will likely play in their life. It then turns around and provides similar information from the other person's perspective - what you mean to them. I warn you in advance that these reports are accurate and insightful therefore, you may not always like what you read - or you may be pleasantly surprised!

Whatever the outcome, the knowledge you gain in reading this report can help you to make the most of your relationship, helping you navigate those 'black holes' that every couple inevitably steps into at some point. Know yourself and understand who you are involved with, friend or lover!

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