Child Report

Child Report

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Discover more about the boy or girl in your life!

Whether you have a child on the way, a newborn babe in your life or a little rascal already running around your feet, this is the Report for you!

Catch a glimpse of the potential of the New Soul in your life, their likely development and personality traits already ingrained in your child - that you can help develop - and the challenges you may expect to face later!

Discover your role in their lives and help them to fulfill their Destiny by allowing them to unfold in their own time, in their own unique way. Find ways of comforting and teaching that your child will respond to the most, and areas in life where your guiding hand will be both appreciated and needed.

A New Soul is a new beginning, and a new Light in the world. Give them the best chance, by providing the safe space they need, with the astrological insight to help them on their own special path.

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