Jamie Lee Curtis: Cycle 8 Scream Queen

With the North Node just entering Cycle 8, TRAUMA became the topic of talks Jamie Lee Curtis gave surrounding the release of the movie ‘Halloween’. If you’re following along in my book, Surfing Your Solar Cycles: A Lifetime Guide to Your Stars, Cycle 8 is where we face the Dark Night of the Soul and all its demonic denizens. With Leo ruling her 8th Cycle (House), it was karmically and cosmically fitting she received the honorary title of original “Scream Queen” - Leo royalty, you see.

Cycle 5 (Leo) + Cycle 8 (Scorpio) keywords (page 302): “dangerous liaisons” “fatal attractions” “edgy art”. [Locate in your own Chart which Cycle Leo rules over, to discover which kind of King or Queen you are]. Examples: The commanding and captivating

attention of Marilyn Monroe: (Leo/Cycle 1) Queen on Stage; President Trump: (Leo/Cycle 1) King on Stage.

Known for her brazen, bold and unapologetic honesty, (keywords Jamie Lee uses when describing herself - (“I’m allowed to have an opinion” she said, discussing her dislike of The Fog, by John Carpenter, the director who infamously collaborated with her on the original Halloween), she now speaks out on the theme of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, at a time when most of the world is reeling from the aftereffects of political and interpersonal abuse.

Saturn Rising in Sagittarius is the Wise and Stern Teacher. Touch as nails. A Survivor of the School of Hard Knocks. Our Rising Sign and conjoining planets are what we embody for all to see.

Cycle 1 + Cycle 9 keywords (page 298): “soapbox sermons” “boldly going where no one has gone before”. Halloween was groundbreaking and quickly became a cult classic.

Jamie just experienced her Second Saturn Return (Saturn = Life Lesson, Karma, our Life’s Great Work), suggesting a Return/Revisiting/Replaying of Key Themes she’s working on this lifetime. And there we find Saturn conjunct Pluto - the planet OF the underworld, ruling over the deep, dark, painful Cycle 8 process we all must face, one way or another.

The iconic scene of Jamie Lee Curtis hiding in the closet while Michael Myers brutally bust in, swiping at her with a kitchen knife, can easily be seen in her South Node (past life residue) in Cycle 4 (home, family) in the sign of war, violence, and weapons, (Aries). Violence & Unrest in the home. Conflict/War in the family tree. The need for self-defense, protecting the clan. This time around, an aged and wiser (Saturn Return) Jamie Lee reprises her role as Laurie Strode, Matriach of a violent past, revisited at a time when she herself has Sombre, Sober & Serious Saturn revisiting for his second Reality Check on how to handle Angry people. Hot headed relatives. Fire within the home. Disagreements and all-out war - and literal blood, sweat and tears.

These are the exact signatures of this South Node, with Cycle and Sign offering precise clues as to what happened Back Then, in the Soul’s Memory and what must be resolved This Time Around. Actors will always symbolically be chosen to play out the themes found in their Birth Chart. It’s an infallible law. Jamie describes her character as the “Wounded Warrior” facing up to the childhood trauma that has overshadowed much of her adult life.

Old, emotional demons lie buried at the basement of our Chart - under the floorboards of our 4th Cycle : where we face family and ancestral skeletons. In this case, the white dead face was the embodiment and personification of evil : Michael Myers “The Shape” (who was revealed as Jamie Lee’s sister previously) who displayed a purely Aries/Mars-like relentless desire to Hunt & Hurt. This new movie centers around Defense (Cycle 1) within the Home (Cycle 4) along with Defensiveness within its occupants - Cycle 1 + Cycle 4 keywords (page 298): “anger in the family” “assertive mother”. 

With her Sun/Mercury (Ego/Mind) in Cycle 8 (Scorpio) located in the 11th House (Cycle 11) she aids society (11) by tackling darker issues (8). She brings to social awareness that which most recoil from, and is celebrated for playing her role and doing her part - both for her own personal evolution and for the Collective, on the World Stage.

The Ruler of her chart, Jupiter, is also found in Scorpio - (the sign of horror, trauma, evil, fear) also in Cycle 11 suggesting a theme of freedom from the bondage of pain. {Can’t resist referencing her Activia yogurt campaign, purported to clear your blockages and help you eliminate!]

It’s no surprise to an astrologer that Jamie Lee Curtis would become THE social example (Cycle 11) and Icon (Leo) of the 8th Cycle Scorpionic process of facing and vanquishing ones inner and outer monsters.