Centaur Report

Centaur Report

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Welcome to your Universe! You stand on the threshold of entering previously unknown astrological understanding of the Cosmos. This report includes a comprehensive look at your natal Centaur placements to ensure complete grounding and connection with your home planet, Earth.

Your personal connection to the powerful and transforming black holes takes you into a dimension of inner self reflection intended to clarify your essence and your connection with All That Is.

Enjoy your journey into the exciting vastness of space!

Centaurs are asteroids with several properties in common, one of which is that they travel from deep regions of our solar system to within the orbit of Jupiter. They are similar to comets but are larger. The first Centaur discovered was Chiron in the year 1977. Chiron was first thought to be a kind of planet, but is now considered a Centaur by most astronomers.

Beginning with Chiron, the Centaur Reports takes a comprehensive look at your natal Centaur placements, beginning with Chiron, and continuing with Pholus, Nessus, Asbolus, Chariklo and Hylonome.

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