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The most extensive Report on the Internet!
80+ packed pages about YOU personally compiled by Neil:
Your Karmic patterns, Past Lives, Present Challenges, your Unique Life Path, your strengths, addictions, "issues", options and much more.  I know you'll love it!

Discover your basic motivations, perceptions, inclinations, and character from a number of different perspectives.  Your life can improve quickly and dramatically if you apply the suggestions given here.

You owe it to yourself to order a Solar Return every year. This new package offers two incredible Reports in one. Details the next 12-months from your birthday.including overview, month-by-month, personal calendar and cyles and compared aspects between your Natal and Solar Return Charts.  An annual favorite!

A fun, informative and affordable gift for yourself  - or anyone!

An intimate look at your month ahead - personalized for YOUR chart - day-by-day, highs and lows. Personal planetary alignments, what to expect, how to navigate the month's themes, your Lunar Moods and more. Get prepared!  Subscription Based - sign up for your unique series today!

Compare your Chart with anyone elses - business or pleasure!   Uncover your strengths, challenges, possible past lives together.

Is this a soul-mate or karma-mate? Unfinished business?
Consider a telephone consultation for greater depth,
but this is a great starter to get a handle on the two of you.
Knowledge is power!

Neil compiles his thoughts, along with world-renowned Astrologer Linda Goodman and her views on your soul-contract with your partner. Throwing in other viewpoints from Astrologers on the specific aspects between both your Charts, you'll see how YOU affect them and what THEY are likely to bring to you. Where do you both click, and where do you clash? Expect to find it here - you'll nod, smile, groan and laugh. Deepen your soul-union with this intimate Report.

Ever wondered what life you led before?
Why did you return? What lessons can be gleaned
from your chart. Discover your soul's karmic past,
present and future in this unique, fun, easy to follow
and insightful Report.

This truly unique report includes a comprehensive look at your natal Centaur placements: Pholus, Nessus, Asbolus, Chariklo and Hylonome.. Consider that astrologers use one planet, Venus, to describe the vast areas of love, art, and beauty in our lives. The asteroids add depth and detail to the astrological analysis. Worthy of investigation.

Copyright © 2005 - 8 Neil D Paris, all rights reserved.  * Live Magically! *  For entertainment purposes only

Full Natal
Transit Future
Lunar Return
Karmic Insight
Child Reports
Which Report is right for You?
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Not just a Personality Report but also a Guide for your Growth and personal Evolution in the New Age we currently live in. Specialized Relationship sections for Man, Woman & Gay/Lesbian.

Give them the best chance, by providing the safe space they need, with the astrological insight to help them on their own special path.  Catch a glimpse of  personality traits already ingrained in your child with tips on how to give them the best start - and the challenges you may expect to face later! 

Are you in an 'up' or 'down' cycle? When's your next big-break? What are you meant to be learning? Make the most of what's happening right here right now - and what's ahead!
Detailed and in-depth and covers 3 whole months.

What are you here to work on?
What patterns keep repeating - what did you do well
and what are you having to do over?
Fre yourself from past lives and collect the karmic gold
stars and gifts you've already learned before!

New Age Man & Woman
Solar Return
& Year Ahead
$7 a month

Cosmic Couple
Past Life
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AstroJourney is written for adolescents and young adults; but is great for anyone! Survival is tougher today. Astrology is like a road map. Your road map. Your destiny. Today, more than ever before, we live in a world of choices. Your fate isn't set in stone and this Report outlines the options you have as you move through each day, each month of your story.
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This report discusses your entire life from the perspective of Saturn. Saturn's birth potential encompasses these general considerations: physical development and health considerations — mental and emotional development — areas of pessimism or limited enjoyment — consciousness of self — career and enduring legacy — your life path in general, from starting point to life lessons to rewards — potential for wisdom and maturity.


Soulful, Sexual, Saucy, Steamy & Silly (yet Sound) Interpretations of the humorous kind. An exploration of your Sun, Moon, Venus & Mars signs.

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