His hugely popular weekly,
bi-weekly and monthly
horoscopes have been enjoyed
across the planet on radio,
websites & major publications.

Celebrity Astrologer
Neil D Paris
Want to offer accurate,
  fun  & hugely popular
forecasts in your
   newspaper or magazine?

Astrological Life Coach Neil D Paris offers “Practical Astrology for Personal & Professional Empowerment" with wisdom, wit and his usual brand of outstanding insight.

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Looking for fresh, fun content
and addictive listening?

Neil was the Resident Astrologer at GayDar Radio from 2004 - 7- winner of three Sony Awards in London.

Neil's show at WCKG 105FM in Chicago Illinois was so popular it was extended to a full Hour Phone-In Show giving callers live Readings on-air!

Neil is working on a number of Astrology Books so people can better understand their own charts and personal cycles.

He currently lives in Los Angeles, California, where he drinks like a Pisces Fish (just juice) and is being cast in feature films (mostly as bad guys thanks to his Scorpio Ascendant), and studying the far corners of the Universe with his  "Gypy-Soul" Sagittarius Moon.

His show "Stars from Hollywood"  revealed  forecasts for the week ahead along with Hollywood facts, stories, polls, 'talk of the town' and celebrity birthdays.

These shows are addictive-listening, crowd-grabbers.- Astrology offers something for everyone and Neil delivers wisdom with wit and his own unique, intuitive insight (along with his infamous British accent).

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Windy City Queercast

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Oct 2007
Saturn, Mercury
& Caller Questions
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Neil's Astrology Classes were the
first to be SOLD OUT at 12Academy!

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If there were a consistent constellation of traits
that make the  perfect astrologer, you would
find them in Neil D. Paris.
                        ...an instant authority...

Mark Husson, Author of Lovescopes

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... the only one of this kind...
the most phenomenal and profound
I have experienced.
An extraordinary person with extraordinary talents.
              Belinda Bentley, Celebrity Psychic (Vh1, E!)