Astrological Tip-Off: Follow the Nodes.

After 19 yrs of being an Astrologer, one part of our Birth Charts has continued to stand out as the clearest indicator of what we're here to do this lifetime: The North & South Nodes (also known as the Lunar Nodes).

Check out for yourself - these explanations are brief of course, but they should trigger some insight, some inner truth that could push your life in the direction you really want it to head in.

Welcome to your first step into the magical, practical, insightful world of Personal & Practical Astrology. 

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P.S For further insight: your North Node falls in one of 12 Houses in your Personal Birth Chart. This shows WHERE you're trying to get to, and the things you should do this lifetime to achieve what you came here to do. 

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Locate which sign the North Node (Destiny Direction) was in when you were born.
   North Node in Aries

 Life of no longer people-pleasing and losing your identity in relationships. Life of pioneering new ground on your own, being able to argue/confront, initiating 1001 projects and being brave enough to fight for your right to say No!

  North Node in Taurus

    Life of no longer thinking people are out to get you, obsessing on the "dark stuff" and expecting things are gonna go to hell in a hand basket. Life of calm, creature comforts, great food, Nature, Massages, peace and luxury and building something of lasting value. Learn self-sufficiency, especially financially.

  North Node in Gemini

Life of no longer hiking all over the horizon, running off seeking greener pastures or preaching to the choir. Life of passing on what you know to strangers, learning how to communicate better, sharing closer to home, being an eternal student and keeping an open mind that there IS more to learn. 

North Node in Cancer

    Life of no longer seeking career success, being a control freak or worrying about your reputation and "what they think". A lifetime of having a comfy home, a personal life, private time and close emotional bonds with others of hugs, tears, memories and comfort food.

   North Node in Leo

Life of no longer hiding behind society, humanitarian causes or your friends, rebelling or being the aloof outsider. Life of Loving without fear, playing with your inner kid, being in charge, seen, a Star of sorts -  in the spotlight and in complete creative control!

North Node in Virgo

    Life of no longer drifting on autopilot, escaping into other realms, playing victim/denial or cruising for the next "high". Simple Life of getting back in your body, cleaned up.organized, getting back and down to work, staying healthy and finding ways to help/heal others.

North Node in Libra

   Life of no longer being & doing everything on your own, being impatient, getting into scraps and preparing for War. Relationship Lifetime now (expect a stream of suitors - business and pleasure) learning to share, compromise, cooperate and BUILD, not burn, bridges.

North Node in Scorpio

  Life of no longer being obsessed with cash, gorging, counting coins, chasing designer labels or just stuck in a familiar but stifling rut. Life of Major Change, chapter shifts and teaming up with soul-mates to double your power if you can learn to let go and TRUST!

North Node in Sagittarius

    Life of no longer doing 5 things at once, juggling/multitasking, getting stuck in superficial time-drains or leaving things half done. Life now of leaving town, traveling across the border, opening books, going to University, learning new things and finding out what it all really MEANS.

North Node in Capricorn

    Life of no longer being stuck at home, feeding the eternally hungry, stuck in old emotional patterns,being a child or always there on-call for your clan. Life of achieving, setting goals, climbing career heights and getting out in public. And being seen, heard, respected and admired!

North Node in Aquarius

    Life of no longer being the star of the show, seeking applause or being the Creative Director of Everything. Life of being part of the team, cheering on the rest, helping humanity and being quirky, unique and free of any role or label, thus encouraging others to do the same.

North Node in Pisces

    Life of no longer having to do everything 100% right, fix it, work your ass off or clean up all the time. Life of going with the flow, believing in Destiny and Universal Timing and seeing that everything has a plan and everything is connected, it all works out as it should, however imperfect it seems on the surface.

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Note: If the description below makes no sense to you, you could have a more complicated Nodal Setup in your Chart due to House Position. Email if that's the case and I'll help you figure out why.