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The House I was living in has sold. Figured it would be under another Retro Mercury. I am in the process of relocating so please bear with me. Weekly Scopes will be back soon, in the meantime you can look for updates on Facebook

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This New Moon highlights a time where your soul needs grounding. Any issues with impatience, speed, haste and frustration must give way to a sense of carefree ease. Needless to say this is a challenge for most Rams at the best of times. Laziness would do you good right now, as would extra rest, nutrition and a much-needed hug of support and care. The whole money issue is something you can forget about resolving. Give up the illusion of constant security. Expressing gratitude for the many small things that are working helps distract you from worry. It's really a Get Back to Basics couple of weeks. It's how you feel that really matters. Self-worth issues can be healed. Give up Lack. Sit with a feeling of fullness. Mercury Retro helps you review everything so far, in order to make clearer choices in three weeks time. Observe your thoughts...

Since you spend so much time in your head, you need your Ruler Mercury to retrograde three times a year just to give yourself a chance to catch up with all of the new stimulus and outside input, to settle. Since you're the sign that really represents the two hemispheres of the brain, you are constantly processing something. Multitasking only gets you so far when Mercury Retrogrades, as you're forced to reevaluate your position in many areas of your life. Are you showing up fully for your own existence? Are you your own best friend or worst enemy? In other words, what about yourself is being harmed by the thoughts you regularly entertain? The New Moon could affect sleep patterns, herald an AHA! moment, or dig up old anxieties. What can you do to stay grounded, at ease and calm? Schedule time to Just Be... 
It's time to Dream a New Dream. To invest some energy (in the form of money, time, focus) in your Future, the very thing you may have been ignoring to deal with Today's Emotional Demands. Create your Cycle 11 blueprint NOW.  The New Moon heralds a chance to forge ahead with subtle persistence and a stubborn refusal to back down on your quest for a brighter tomorrow. You can't do it alone. There's a group with your name on it, awaiting your arrival. A company that could help you out. Friends who have things to give you, to help you bridge the divide between Yesterday and Tomorrow. Could be financial assistance, could just be a reliable and steady presence as you walk this path. Old friends reappear, new alliances forged now. As Mercury Retrogrades, you get to see how your thinking lures you into old karma. Get extra sleep!

This would be the New Moon to take a hike somewhere, away from the noisy crowd. To set sail on a cruise to unknown parts. A beautiful getaway. How nice that sounds, right about now. Some of you may be lucky enough - all signs point to refreshing your spirit with things that calm and ground you and that remind you of a sense of ease you may have been missing. Clinging to what you believe is honorable but it may not bring you peace if you wind up in conflicts asserting your opinion at the expense of someone else's right to the same. In fact, you may find that you have no choice but to suspend Judgement, because all the facts may not yet be in. Be smart then and avoid leaping to conclusions just yet. Mercury Retrograde shows you where your thinking is too rigid or controlled out of a fear of powerlessness. Rise above. 

If you're focusing on getting better, stronger and healthier (instead of complaining) you're on the right track. The New Moon aids you in climbing back INTO your body if you're been spending large chunks of time out of it, in your head or just ungrounded. It's about slowing things down. Anxiety needs to be soothed, haste needs to be reduced. A leisurely and more practical and peaceful daily rhythm will aid you enormously as you wander through the next two weeks. You do need a plan, but you need patience too. Some health and work issues may still linger, but nothing is ever fully complete as nothing ever truly ends. If anything, you'll have to calm your usual speedy reactions. Mercury Retrograde allows you to see where faulty thinking (like projection, blame etc) affects all your close relationships. it takes two to tango!

You stand at a threshold. A significant point in your Journey. The New Moon in your sign bequeaths a bold sense of decisiveness, an eagerness to "just get on with it", to fling open new doors if only to experience the New You stepping foot through. But this is where the subtle nuance of this particular New Moon come into play. What loose end is left dangling? Where are you scared to cut your losses and move on? What about yourself is still in status, unresolved and incomplete? The next two weeks then, become about separating out what you're just clinging to out of habit (or laziness) and what you must do to loosen your clutches so you're free to experience the upgrade you may have actually already gone through. As Mercury retrogrades, you get to see which thoughts keep you feeling insecure. Rip them up!
This is the Drop Anchor New Moon. It's your Get Comfortable period. The vast majority of you will somehow, somewhere and in some way tend to your personal garden, perhaps bringing actual plants into your space, or spending more time outside. Home is where your heart is located for the next two weeks, but it's also an area you may find gives you a feeling of being unsettled, incomplete or a work-in-progress. You're not stuck. So avoid sinking into any feelings of stagnation. You may need a hand up to pull you out of a funk but it's nothing a good meal, relaxation time and slowing down can't remedy. Feel at home, even if it's a war zone. Home is a personal space within. Mercury Retro reminds you to go back and rediscover the hobbies that heal you...
Peace of Mind. The New Moon offers this, but you have to be willing to drop the many thoughts vying for your attention inside your head. Some ways of thinking, as understandable as they are, bring nothing but grief, conflict or a sense that nothing is set in stone or resolvable. Remember, that time is your spiritual friend (if not your physical enemy at times). Mindfulness has never been more important. Without a firm mental anchor, you're at the mercy of all the other vibes you're constantly picking up from people around you. Seek an oasis within your head where all is calm and still, where you can think and breathe. Mercury Retrograde allows you to see where letting emotions control your thinking and communication, leaves you extra vulnerable. You no longer need roots or a physical anchor, you have fins to swim to cleaner streams.

You feel the need and importance of being Captain of your Soul more than ever. The New Moon directly overhead reminds you that you're either In Charge or an underling, and we know which way you're more likely to lean. Control is an issue, one this Moon may remind you about. Being at the wheel brings its own stressors, and oftentimes we rise to a position of greatness to bypass the rules laid out by society or others, and then find ourselves turning into the tyrants we sought to overthrow. Time management becomes essential. And look for the "power issue" to raise its head. Financially, it's time for bold decisions. Investing back into your Life Direction seems a no brainer. Mercury Retrograde reminds you to check in with old allies, instead of going solo and that Radical thinking attracts New Improved insight.
Time flies when you're enjoying yourself, but it doesn't have to. Remember those long lazy periods of time as a child when you were - oh wait, you're the sign of Reverse Aging, which as you know means you were Born Old (and thus had responsibility dumped at your feet) and discover a chance at a childhood later on. This New Moon is one of those portals that opens allowing you to rediscover the grounding ways a favorite hobby or pastime can bring simple joy and much-needed PEACE into your existence. Pluto in your Sign may be a challenge, but we know you rise to every challenge presented to you. It's why you are our Go-To for wise, formal, educated experience. Have some fun. That's the bottom line. it's up to you. Mercury Retrograde is a time for second or third opinions in health or at work. Get ready to Be Adaptable at a moment's notice.  
Since you're already evolving at such a fast rate these days - and finding life challenging you more than ever anytime you resist the process - you'll find that all relationships with people around you are going through the same process. You either grow together or you grow apart. There's no other way around it now. With a Taurus New Moon you seek grounding with reliable others more than ever, but you may find you're still wrapped up in loose ends that perhaps never will be fully resolved in the way you like - with ultimate finality. Murky areas abound, but that's no reason to miss out on a golden opportunity to Get Secure and make all your alliances a safe place to be. You do that by making yourself a safe person to be around. Mercury Retrograde allows you to finally see where your desire for immediate relief, satisfaction or completion blocks soul-solutions.
Half of you wants to keep things the same and the other half can't wait for things to radically change, dammit! You always view things from multiple points of view but this New Moon seems to intensify feelings that THIS time it will be different, this time you will rise to your true power and not be at the mercy (financially or otherwise) of other people's ways of living. You're separating out what HAS to stay and what MUST go, but the two could get tricky and convoluted and tied together if you allow your shifting feelings to dominate. It's a great time to look closely at your money, especially the funds you have wrapped up with someone else. Sex, intimacy, physical comfort and nurturing food are essential to your well being under this New Moon, so carve out time for peaceful pursuits. Mercury Retro says Keep an Open Mind, or you limit possibilities.