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Hefty, Detailed and 
Highly Accurate PERSONALIZED Reports -
starting at $9.95!

Hefty, Detailed and 
Highly Accurate PERSONALIZED Reports -
starting at $9.95!

Hefty, Detailed and 
Highly Accurate PERSONALIZED Reports -
starting at $9.95!

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Aries / Aries Rising

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Emotional Freedom from Emotions. How does that work? Family dyanmics are revealed and it's up to you to break free of the dynamic/pattern/habit. Free yourself to Witness, not React.

The Dark Forces of Self-Doubt, Insecurity and Red Tape have not won. September, the tunnel is within sight.

Have faith in YOURSELF, in your innate optimism and ability to pull through,
despite all odds seemingly stacked against you. Unleash optimism, but teamed
up with stability, patience and perseverance. What you're working on now
could stick around for a long time. Be in it for the long haul or not at all.
Be hopeful that confidence comes with practice, keep putting yourself out there.
Surrender to your feelings, without letting them overwhelm you. Be wary of old emotional black holes, you know will only drain you instead of providing the soul-solace you crave, need and deserve.

Saturn in Sagittarius

Remember to have faith IN THIS area of your life/chart.
Be wary of overly optimistic leaps. Be measured, but hopeful.

is square

Neptune in Pisces

Remember to surrender to something greater, IN THIS area of your life/chart.
Be wary of self-delusions or covert agendas. Be adaptable and seek tangible evidence.

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by April Elliott Kent

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​2016: YOUR Birthday Solar Return
Have faith in your ability to secure funds and secure security for yourself (with what would appear to be good luck but which could be Good Karma coupled with past and present EFFORTS). Be hopeful that you can remain grounded despite any ripples of change presently felt or experienced. Surrender to creative pursuits as an escape from stress and a healing tonic for your heart. Be wary of those who yank out a few of your feathers while fluffing them up. 

Have faith in your social network, because you are the Friend of the zodiac and people truly love you, from all corners of the globe. Be hopeful that your future is brighter, and let optimism connect you with others who are willing to take the risk of rejection by reaching out and uniting. Surrender your financial and physical safety to Universal Protection. Know you'll be provided for on an as-needed basis but be wary of anything promising a quick fix to nagging elf-doubt or low self-esteem. Things take time. 

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Have faith in your ability to handle every up and down and whatever life throws at you. If you're burdened, accept that it may be because you're meant to carry a heavier load, for an as yet unknown reason -training perhaps for a greater role. The Lunar Eclipse just passed asks you to give something or someone up. Takes courage and surrender and trust. Don't cling. Flow as if secure in the knowledge this is all for a reason. Surrender insecurity and uncertainty, you're more solid and sturdy than you think. Emotions come and go, while your resilience remains. When in doubt, sleep on it and come back to whatever ails you, and guaranteed it will be re-framed in a new, more conscious and helpful light.

Have faith in the Universe, as your ultimate manager. Even when things seem dire. Allow yourself to carry a tiny seed of optimism, this Hope you allow the germinate within DOES have a direct impact on your life, just unseen for now. Surrender to a gentler mindset, be less hard on yourself and adopt a more meditative, zen-like  outlook, unruffled by external stimuli. Be wary of making serious decisions based on the feeling of the moment. And remember 
This Too Shall Pass.

Have faith in your intelligence, your ability to talk to anyone about anything and your mental ingenuity. Be hopeful that you'll have the right thing to say at the right time to the right person. Don't overanalyze, keep things bright and breezy. Answers are on the way soon enough. Surrender your control and let your body soothe and relax, as often as possible. Be wary of believing the first opinion you seek.

Have faith in your security, your ability to put down roots and your domestic
situation. Be hopeful that the foundation you lay now, will serve you in months  and years to come. Surrender to others who offer you comfort and emotional support. Be wary of exploitative and escapist others who pull you down instead of help you rebuild back up.

Have faith in your creative brilliance, especially on darker days. Trust
Be hopeful in the power of your heart and your expressive prowess (and willingness to take a risk). Surrender to something or someone - you can't grasp the wheel alone forever. Be wary of getting too close too fast with the wrong types and ditching everything just for the sake of immediate relief.

Have faith that your health will improve with each positive investment
in your body - and trust that your work situation will get better and better
with optimism coupled with actual footwork. Surrender to the Truth and
Nothing but the Truth. Be wary of tall tales, hoodwinking and gaslighting
(look them up and learn how to avoid mind control in the future).

Have faith that you will be paired up with those who really are worth
your time and energy. Be hopeful that reaching out, will work to a mutual
advantage. Surrender to a more Confident you, and accept your own 
wisdom instead of seeking outside authorities. Be wary of the illusion of control.

Have faith that you can handle all changes and intensity of feelings.
Be wary of reckless risk-taking. Be hopeful that trusting, will 
work out in your favor in the end. Surrender to a sense of Destiny - 
one particular future pre-written before you arrived here. Be wary
of friends who glitter, with fool's gold or procrastination over your Dreams.

Have faith that you know more than you currently think
and that answers are on the way, to questions you may have
forgotten you've asked. Be wary of leaping without thought.
Be hopeful to open new doors. Surrender when you feel exhausted.
Be wary of your own escapist tendencies, or things that look, sound,
feel or seem too good to be true.

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