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Emotional Freedom from Emotions. How does that work? Family dyanmics are revealed and it's up to you to break free of the dynamic/pattern/habit. Free yourself to Witness, not React.

The Dark Forces of Self-Doubt, Insecurity and Red Tape have not won. September, the tunnel is within sight.

Your relating, negotiating and compromising skills? Time to polish them up with lots of practice.

The long tunnel of Faithless Wandering/Wonderings and dips into depressive deceit is almost over. 

Your career, parenting skills and "leading by example" prowess are all under extreme scrutiny. By you. And in turn, those that matters. Polish up, prepare to Step Up.

The long tunnel through Dark, Depressive Episodes, random Chaos and the Seedy Side-streets of SecretsVille  is almost over. 

Your friendships, far-reaching visionary goals for your life and humanitarian offerings need fine=tuning. With a few tweaks comes a lot of perks.

The long Lonely tunnel through the School of Hard Knocks is almost over. And the gifts Saturn has in store for you, about the be fully realized. Hang In There.

Your confidence, Your ability to Start Over, and the Way you Look, are all under your critical eye so inevitably they will all begin changing in amazing ways.

The long tunnel through mental hell, depressive dwellings and communication black-outs is almost over.

Your bank balance. The things you have tucked in the closet. Your self-esteem. Yep. They could all do with a little extra house-keeping, and here come a million and one opportunities to get it all shipshape.

The long tunnel through emotional wastelands, family skeletons or memories better left buried, is almost over.

Your mental state. Your reasoning abilities. Your left-brained logic. And how you use your tongue. All in need of de-fragmenting and repairing like your favorite technological device.

The long tunnel through love's pain, is almost over.

Your self-sabotaging tendencies. Your secrets in the dark. The things you forgot that you need to remember? Yep. Theeeeeey're here! Welcome the issues as commands: Problem -> Cause -> Solution.

The long tunnel through material manipulation, lack, or dirty power games is almost over.

Your home base. Your family's health. Your emotional well-being. These need tending to. Piece by Piece towards a picture of improvement over perfection.

The long tunnel through your body's ultimate power over you, or your job's ability to squeeze you dry is almost over.

Your smile. Your laughter. Your kid's health. All of these will prosper if you tend to them with utmost care. 

The long tunnel through relationships thick (solid) and thin (flimsy) is almost over.

Your eating habits. Your health and work plans, practices and programs. It's update and upgrade time. And you're ready. 

The long tunnel through Loss, Acceptance of Loss and Helping Others with Loss is almost over.

You're a master at Reaching, only this time it's for More, Further, Wider. For the greener grass you know must exist. The new perspective that will illuminate a Truth you know is - when distilled - pure, simple, effective, universal and timeless.
The long tunnel through backstabbing friends, social isolation or shady involvements (whether by choice or Fate)  is almost over. 

Your ability to Purge , Get Close and Transform into a better more brilliant self comes with hard work but you're cosmically penciled in. In a month things will seem vastly different. Keep at it.

The long tunnel of Self-Parenting, Career Crises and Reputation Ruiners is almost over.