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Aries / Aries Rising

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Emotional Freedom from Emotions. How does that work? Family dyanmics are revealed and it's up to you to break free of the dynamic/pattern/habit. Free yourself to Witness, not React.

The Dark Forces of Self-Doubt, Insecurity and Red Tape have not won. September, the tunnel is within sight.

​This Friday kicks off a new energy signature in the symphony of your life. A strong and consistent drum beat signaling the awakening of desire and passion. For you, this is prob more of a re-awakening. Financially, debts need re-framing and credit card spending tightened. Some Rams are dealing with paperwork for those who have passed. Only that which is  truly yours, remains. 

Venus moves into Scorpio, Friday Dec 4.
Love wants  us to go deeper, and that's usually when it hurts. 
No way not to look at the uglier side of love now. 
Venus into Scorpio can be the passage of the Femme Fatale or 
Fatal Attraction type scenario. Be careful of what you are attracted to now - and monitor what you are attracting. Scorpio energy can be dark and dangerous or delightfully deep. Often both. 
Venus is how we feel loved and how we love so under these skies, everything becomes that much more intense, more deadly, more life-or-death or at least it seems this way. Since Venus also relates us to money, into Scorpio she's all or nothing about her wants and desires. 
What or whom do we really truly madly deeply burn for? 

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by April Elliott Kent

You're just powering up as others are beginning to run out of steam. Enjoy the stamina you seem to have. Enjoy the boring days, of schedules and organizing and 'same old same old' as these set you up to deal with the days that are ablaze with intensity. Get passionate about what you're doing or how you're doing it. Then get better at it. ​

A surge of emotional energy could get you up and out
to socialize or you could easily decide at the last minute
you'd rather be alone. Boredom is intolerable now, so you'll
no doubt be on the phone with someone on your contacts list.
Let harmless gossip relieve pressure, and catch up with someone
who makes you giggle.

​You're given the gift of persuasion. It's something about the way you deliver your message that leaves us mesmerized. This is the period to ask for the favor, have the difficult discussion and remember to always be polite and kind whenever possible. That's easy for you. It's the intense discussions that pop up you may find trickier. People don't want you for small talk, but to exchange deeply intimate ideas.
​Your tastes deepen and perhaps darken, as you find a hungering for more intensity and passion and perhaps even danger in your life.Your appetite increases on many levels, as you seem to heat up now and demand physical touch and material fulfillment. Be careful of jealous streaks or trying to control anyone. Let your desires lead the way, just take your time there is no need to rush this.
Turn on the charm. Lure them with your smolder. Every Scorpio now puts off extra pheromones due to the passage of Venus into your Sign this Friday. Use this period to woo, date, court and romance yourself again. Enjoy the mirror. Self-pamper. You;ll be changing something soon regarding the way you look and in the way you go after what you want.

​Maybe you realize it, maybe you don't but your soul seeks the peace and sanctuary of solitude or silence. Dreams are about to throw up some interesting material, and you could just bump into a past life love if you're lucky; a past life love issue if you're not. Saturn continues to test you with heavy challenges but Venus affords you a chance to carve out a quiet spot to either brood or catch your breath. Use love as a tool of forgiveness. Yourself included.

A taste of the unusual is on its way. Your life after Friday is flavored with surprises, with old friends and new faces. With those who like you in a platonic sense as well as though who really do love you or desire you on a deeper level. Only soul-mates will do for company now, and those who remind you that the world of manners and etiquette hasn't completely been taken by Pluto.
It's time to allow yourself to shine. You're not really seeking to show off but somehow others are attracted to you, or at least obsessed about you in some form of another. You yourself may also find yourself transfixed by something or someone. Who knows who you'll become bigger news and just how you'll catch our eye. Higher-ups are paying attention. Use sincerity, kindness and passion (and looking good never hurt) to command respect.

A passion for knowledge is reignited, as is the desire for new scenery. Venturing over the horizon is always dangerous, either because you meet what is new and foreign to your comfort zone, or because you may never come back. Love sweeps you off now on a journey, and like all good stories, your heart is ready to navigate many terrains and live to tell the tale. 

​You're in a super attractive period which means you're a magnet for all different types. It's up to you to figure out who is what, and whether you're being lured by a shiny trinket or real depth. Friend, lover or foe? Creative Bulls have plenty to get busy on, but look for collaborative efforts that pool resources for extra power.
Make time for passionate play. In any form. Your inner child needs it and will not settle for anything less than something that engages it completely. So pursue your pleasure and let it find you. The more joy you feel, the better you'll look. The soup of your life begins to thicken into a heartier broth, don't resist the change, let what is right, solidify.