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Weekly Scope

Weekly Scope

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MARS heats up:   
Your hormones
Your fight-or-flight mechanism
The issue of Sharing (money, body, secrets)
The idea of rebirthing

URANUS updates:
Your credit score
Your independent worthiness
Your bank balance
Your ultimate sense of security

JUPITER dishes up plenty:                                                                                               Laughs, Parties, Creative Projects, Compliments,                                                               Good Times, Ego tantrums or pouting

PLUTO resets:
Your friendships and social connections
Your Future Vision
Your unique contribution

MARS heats up:   
Your need to Learn, Explore,Travel and Know
         Religious, Legal, Philosophical or Political Debates                
The whole issue of Honesty and Fairness, Karmic Justice

URANUS updates:
Your braining wiring
New Ideas and Aha moments
Your learning process, speeding up your circuits

JUPITER dishes up plenty:
                    Reasons to find a rhythm
Of job opportunities or fix-it projects
Emotional patterns that need reworking

PLUTO resets:
Your entire psyche -beginning with your secret darkness
Phobias, Addictions, Fears

MARS heats up:   
Unfairness or enmity between friends, Bids for freedom,                                                                                   Unbalanced and erratic reactions
Social connection or disconnections

URANUS updates:
Your way of expressing yourself, Creative projects with new ideas
The acceptance of your unique way/style 

JUPITER dishes up plenty:
             Intensely emotional reasons to celebrate or recoil from the past
Sexual possibilities, emotional goodbyes
Financial or emotional support or aid when needed
​Emotional manipulation to gain financially

PLUTO resets:
Any ounce of insecurity, our stuff, bank balance, income
Low Self Esteem, Any further signs of greed or power-games.

MARS heats up:   
The stuff already bubbling on the back burner
Inner Angst/Anxiety/Irritation
A desire for a Sanctuary and Place to Escape to

URANUS updates:
Your daily schedule & human programing
Self-maintenance and health issues
Anything that needs to be fixed

JUPITER dishes up plenty:
             Reasons to feel like It or Shit (it all depends how healthy your ego is)
Ways to escape from heavy emotions
Creative ways to ease the drama (laughter helps)

PLUTO resets:
​Any attempts at mind-control or manipulation
Dark Mind-Sets
Self-Control towards overcoming something or Working with It

MARS heats up:                                                               
Your right to your rights
Your body - rashes, bangs, bruises, burns, heat & adrenalin
Your impatience and less accommodating features

URANUS updates:
Your Karmic Ties
Shadow Material (repeated dramas played out with others) 
                                    Deals, contracts, legal matters, issues of fairness                                                                          
  JUPITER dishes up plenty:
Ways to get out from under
Emotional moments with authorities/parents

PLUTO resets:
Ancestral wounds and emotional triggers
Living Situations
Emotional & Physical Walls, Barricades, Foundations, Defenses

   MARS heats up:                                                               
The whole juggling finances thing
A desire for more stuff or harmony or both
What is yours and what you're worth and what you've earned

URANUS updates:
Your sexual identity
Financial/emotional ties & issues holding you back
A death-wish or desire to live more authentically free

JUPITER dishes up more:
Fun with Friends
Delicious Dreams for the Future
Emotional Outbursts in social settings
Hunger and Greed for fine company and celebrations

PLUTO resets:
Ego wounds that over dramatize or hide your ego's creative & loving spark

MARS heats up:                                                               
Family fights
Home Improvement Attempts
Emotional Anger
Insecurities - past or present

URANUS updates:
Your Life Direction
Tired old plans and goals 
Your position or status

JUPITER dishes up more:
Self-Confidence and Belief (or arrogance)
Optimism and Faith
Preachy Sermons
Reasons to expand the shell of your comfort zones

PLUTO resets:
Karmic Relationships 
Disowned, Projected Power - shadow work
All unions - some survive and deepen, some pass away

 MARS heats up:                                                                                                                                                                            The words you use or are subjected to
Mental indecision, uncertainty, imbalance
The desire to talk about it, write about it, learn about it, share it

URANUS updates:
Your spiritual philosophies
A desire to throw yourself into something new
Hungers for greener fields, new learning
Blocks to wisdom through being stuck on your own version of Truth

JUPITER dishes up more:
Big Daydreams or Nighmares
Lucky misses, gains, line-ups and synchronicity
Addictive Greed and Insatiable Need

PLUTO resets:
Your health picture
Fears masquerading as Obsessive Compulsive Behaviors
MARS heats up:                                                               
The demands of a hungry ego
The desire to show what you can do
Romance, the good life, beautiful people & things and the shadows of greed and envy

URANUS updates:
Social connections - out with the old, in with the new
Future Plans- sudden changes, ideas

JUPITER dishes up more:
Reasons to spend but Ways to earn
Self-belief or Self-Righteous Exaggeration

PLUTO resets:
Everything. One way or Another. 
For Gemini, a rite of passage.
Trust. Awareness. Sharing.
Primal Danger. Emotional Fear.
Facing the Dark. Staying up til Dawn.

 MARS heats up:                                                               
​Other people - so watch it
All interactions, negotiations, deals, mergers, handshakes,                                                                                                           contracts, arrangements and agreements
Justice, legal issues and fairness: who versus who?
The "we" issue

URANUS updates:
Your Life Direction, Tired old plans and goals, Your position or status

JUPITER dishes up more:
Self-Confidence and Belief (or arrogance)
Optimism and Faith
Preachy Sermons
Reasons to expand the shell of your comfort zones

​PLUTO resets:
Professional Positions and Power-Plays
  Any and all manipulations
  Any attachments to position - top, bottom, success, failure

     MARS heats up:                                                               
   Your body: health flares up, skin irritations, bumps bangs and bruises
   Your urge to make amends, accept imperfections of turn OCD and bitter

URANUS updates:
Your unconscious - clearing out clutter you forgot about
Your true self - from the prison it's been hiding in
Addictions and self-sabotaging patterns, past life baggage

JUPITER dishes up more:
enjoyable chats
blow ups with emotional brothers, sisters, neighbors and people on your daily travels
knowledge - through books, connections, rumor

PLUTO resets:
Ways of living even you no longer believe in
The entire way you perceive "growth"
All your buried prejudices 

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Gemini / Gemini Rising
MARS heats up:   

Confrontations with Authorities/Bureacracy/The System
The whole issue of  True Justice
A public showdown  or the strategy of a smile

URANUS updates:
You from any emotional quagmire
of buying into anything
that incorrectly defines you from childhood brainwashing

JUPITER dishes up plenty:
                  Laughter and Hugs with others
Dramatic encounters with Big Personalities (and emotions)

PLUTO resets:
A false facade
Your tenacity and courage


-- to move, pass, or extend from one side to the other side
            -- a structure consisting essentially of an upright and a transverse piece, used to execute persons in ancient times. 

--to lie or pass across; intersect

--angry and annoyed; ill-humored; snappish

--to meet and pass

-- contrary; opposite

--adverse; unfavorable

--to switch allegiance

--to die; pass away 

--to interbreed