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Gemini / Gemini Rising

​Big Bold Dreams are a brewing. Bur you're so meek and mild, so humble and unassuming. Not anymore. You'll retain your usual shrewd perceptive abilities but you won't stand in the shadows any longer. The lion within roars for attention. Feed it with plenty of personal time alone - where you get to self-pamper and create and find joy behind the scenes, on your own time and your own terms. Feed it also with bold acts of courage - and reckless acts of compassion. When you feel ignored or overlooked, abandoned or hurt is when you may run into trouble. Fantasies (happy or sad) can get blown out of proportion. Remember you're a healer. And sometimes you have to pull the thorn out of your own paw first before you can set about being of any real use as the Brilliant Helper you are, to those around you.
Big Mouth! Well that's what some may say when they see how you're no longer held back by the shackles of self-censorship. Jupiter heights your storytelling ability so you'll no doubt have us eagerly listening to your tall tales, and laughing at your even cleverer wit. Careful - don't bite off more than you can chew and be wary when you let your head swell too big, you may be smart but life can always outsmart you. Ferreting out useful information gets easier and easier. Believe now in your ability to communicate, your intelligence, your curiosity. Writers get published. Readers get hungrier. Seek and really, you'll end up finding. Just be sure you're hunting for something you want to find because self-fulfilling prophecies often come true when you have as much ego-power invested in your ideas and the images and stories you carry around in your head.

Boy do we need you now. In dark times, Leos turn on the lights by the simple act of Being Yourself. Now it becomes about Believing in yourself, even if you're not sure who you are anymore or aren't as confident as you'd ike to be. It's not about how well you can play the part, it's about enjoying the fact you have a role. Believing in the Joy that still dwells within you, perhaps buried under layers of adult heaviness keeps the flicker of a flame stoked.  Happiness is a choice, now. This period is about being the ember that ever-burns. The smile that returns after the tears have dried. Your assertiveness comes back which means sometimes you'll come off as way too cocky or strong willed, preachy just 'too much'. But really, you're just excited and capable. Don't let meeker souls hold you down or keep you back, but do realize not everyone is as dazzling as you. THIS is the time to do it, and do it big. Just don't let your ego take over, yes? Proclaim your presence with utter pride, no matter what level of insecurity or self-scrutiny you secretly hide.
​You're a social creature at heart. Libras always fare better in life when involved in SOME type of relationship/union/partnership or merger. You just do so well at the whole 'me-you-we-us' thing (even when it's all messy and unbalanced). Your heart is always in a place where you yearn to reach out and make a connection. You 'get off' on the energy of exchange.  Jupiter's movement now sparks a new social period for you. Whether through online exchanges, group gatherings, social events or getting involved in your community, you benefit from being your bight, bold, daring and dazzling self. You don't need to be bright and bushy always but your smile does seem to set off a chain reaction, if you reveal your brighter side. No time to be a wallflower now. Believe in your ability to make the right connections. Look now for friends who lift you up with joyous laughter, generous heart-sharing and supportive love. 
There's nothing like a HUGE dose of JUPITER to offset a dreary Saturn transit. Don't get me wrong, your "problems" won't go away by magic (they are really those yucky growth challenges disguised as actual physical experiences) but there will be relief and ease if you believe once more in your ability to Overcome; in your quest to Triumph. Because if you set your goal now "To Be Happy" or "To Reclaim my Joy" or to simply "enjoy life more" then you'll find doors opening to opportunities to put yourself out there, perhaps get some publicity in the process. This really does signal a Making It Big period. Your over-indulgence, arrogance, or preachy ways could put you in an embarrassing position. But your humor, wow -  it's as if Hell itself stamped you with an extra funny bone on your way up and out. But you're not yet out, are you. So while you're taking the final steps to the Light, remember that laughing beats crying, giggling beats growling and even though you're a sign so often filled or consumed by the Dark, you're really quite dazzlingly bright when you drop your weapons and give us jovial jazz hands.
You've always been a people person. Even the rebel types amongst your species, who revel in upsetting the status quo any way they can, are still doing it often 'for the People'. Ready or not, life is about to bring you a lot more people. Opportunities lie in wait for not only great friendships, but also creative alliances or quite simply, romantic opportunities. Do you believe in your ability to reach out and connect? Every alliance improves when you inject humor and honesty - two vital ingredients if any union is to survive. It could be a numbers game. Some Aquarians will refuse to settle down because life's just too darn fun and you never know what's around the next corner. There's the rub - do you miss the actual Gold because you were chasing something far more glittery and glamorous that turned out to be nothing but a mirage? Believe in Partnering, Have Faith that Joining Forces is the way to grow. And get ready for lucky people, cheerleaders who give you the extra oomph you need to get motivated. Don't give your power away to dramatic others, but do let those with more nerve & verve, help pull a few extra strings for you.
You do like to be first. Doesn't have to be in line, it could just be being the one who initiates the amazing proposal, comes up with the original concept, format or idea. And you don't let the grass grow.   With Jupiter on the move your stage presence grows and so does your desire to be seen and heard. This is it, Ram - it's time to remember your guts and take more chances. Risks pay off. When you put yourself on the line, more often than not it leads to bigger and better things. Show off! Strut like a peacock! The world is your stage. Creative ideas pour forth. New hobbies are yours for the taking - all you have to do is decide HOW you want to have fun, in what MODE you'll express yourself and WHAT you want to give birth to. The happier you are, the more luck you seem to attract. Test it out for yourself. Your only warning - big egos create whirlwinds of pride that are sure to knock you off your throne or pedestal in the end. You're the lead of your own story, but that means you're sometimes only a bit part in others'.
Jupiter moves into Leo 
 (July 16 - Aug 11, 2015)

Where we have faith (Jupiter) we get lucky (Jupiter).
Believe it to See it.

The Midas Touch is given to everyone in various ways - which means our inner dragon (or magpie) could get greedier for shiny things, but also that we really can turn whatever we touch into Gold, with the power of the Belief (Jupiter) in our Godhood (Leo - our connection to Pure Source Energy) and the sheer unstoppable and unending power of its creative nature.

Leo, "ruled" by the Sun (as if anything can rule over the King/Queen of the Jungle, ha!), is the energy that gives life to all. It shines, it glows, it 
give-give-gives life-giving light. It's that simple. Jupiter expands this light, but also expands the Shadow cast by an insatiable ego or over-inflated Pride (Leo distortions or repressions of its divine birthright).

We enter a Renaissance. Art, Music, Theatre, Amateur Dramatics, Playful antics, The celebration of the Inner Child. Smile! Good times await those who Believe in the ability to Power-Up our Inner Torches when the
 Saturn-in-Scorpio Shadows close in...
Laughter gives you the strength to keep going. Once you turn work or chores into works of Art (come on, you have the power of make-believe!) you'll appreciate and admire your own efforts and come to find pride in the smallest things you do, that you do well, or at least that you do to the best of your ability.  Small triumphs are actually your Big Achievements now - it's all in the details, but it doesn't need to be tedious! Jupiter now says that if you have faith you can get better, that you can get well, that you can improve in any area you choose ( a skill, a life habit etc) the more you'll succeed. Enjoy making mistakes now! The simple human act of trying again reveals truths otherwise unknown. Mistakes are allies. Errors turn into blessings. Don't doubt - hold onto Jupiter Faith (that's where the humor part comes in). And things that haven't worked in so long, suddenly begin working. It takes trust, faith and belief. In miracles? No, silly. in YOUR innate ability to conjure up Light. You do so when you try, when you help, when you find the joy in the truly personal process of improvement, not the arrival at perfection.

Let's face it. You know business. You know how to handle the whole shebang.
Financial insecurities, are another closely connected matter. Security in general. Anything that makes your life "uncertain" keeps you in a state of terror, or least a quiet nagging at the back of your mind that won't let you fully exhale and rest. Jupiter now ushers in a period that - if you can decide that you'll have faith and believe in your ability to conjure up security - (even in the form of material goods, benefits, aid, gifts or payouts)  - then you'll return to what you do best: you'll handle business, with effortless ease. If you've somehow slipped into your shell a little too far (we don't blame you, we'd feel the same in your shoes) this phase pulls you out with the glimmer of gold that suggests you may just have some opportunities to further your security  or stand to gain something. Piqued your interest, now? Let's reveal the caveat - greed will see you overspending and ending up losing, if you go to far. Appreciate and have faith in the skills you were both born with (past life stuff even) and the skills you have aquired in your time here so far - these will bear fruit. Now's the time to develop a solid Prosperity Consciousness. Try the free Abundance Meditation here
​Something grand lives within you. It's understated usually, because you come off as so placid and understated at times. But it leaks out through your sense of Quality, a tangible essence of your sign and nature that reflects a true appreciation of life and thus a "grandness". You do have Leo in your 4th House of your Innermost Self, after all.  Jupiter's transit now allows you to find a place of appreciation and emotional support for yourself, by trusting in your natural instincts and intuitions and powerful ability to shape the emotional life you lead, the physical place you live and the way of life you adopt to help you feel safe and secure during your stay on Planet Earth. You may move. Far from where you now are. You may turn your dump into a dynasty. Your poky room into a palace. Home is found when you offer up the Santa Claus gift of jolly laughter with the creative skill that comes with living with a youthful, vibrant and very-much alive child inside. Nurture yourself and others...and luck will find you.
The wanderlust that is so evident in your soul stirs with the transit of Jupiter. Your hunger to KNOW, to learn, to understand grows and grows. Who knows what type of material you'll be consuming - romance novels, how-to videos, you somehow have a craving to do what you do best - get out there, seek and discover. Many of you are set for voyages far and wide. Those of you staying put will be more than busy online, reading, chatting or texting. You'll no doubt run into a lot of differing opinions and that's where the clashes may begin. If you want to take your soapbox with you and give a sermon, you better be sure it's a universal message and not just one from your personal repertoire of self-stories (that ramble). One thing's certain though - you probably won't even give a fig what I say here. You'll stand by your principles and ideals no matter what. Holy Wars or the bridging of cultural divides are both possible. Your call.  Feast on the world's offerings, but do so with a view to living a happier more humorous life. Reclaim your birthright to laugh, never settle, always question and always share your truth and your story so that the wisdom gets passed along.
Since you like things straight up without bells and whistles, let's get down to business. Jupiter's passage through your 8th House now offers up some amazing goodies, with one condition - you have to pass through a few baddie experiences. There's luck to be found when you face the 'ouch' when you face the fear, when you bravely allow yourself to be humbled by defeat or folly and also to stand strong as a light that refuses to go out no matter how many bullying winds may blow. Death is lucky. Huh? This means letting go brings benefits! Allow for big, bold change. Invite the opportunity to shed baggage so you can glow again!  Accelerated karma? You bet. Run with it! Financially you possibly stand to gain through outside support and funds that aren't your own. Passion attracts your luck. Putting everything into what you desire, in other words. And the merging of assets, bodies, souls and secrets, casts out the demons of doubt and lets the angel of luck weave her wonders.