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Gemini / Gemini Rising

You're ready for a New You. Itching for something new, anyway. Bored? Or just ready to set yourself a new personal challenge. Why wouldn't you be? Time drags sometimes and you want to roll out your new idea. You're always tinkering on something. Some half-finished project, But you know where you're at on it and you can move onto other things but still return on cue with the right piece of the puzzle. Your refusal to do shoddy work, becomes your excuse to be lazy, over delivering something half-ass. The New Moon gives you a jolt of caffeine to initiate some personal new changes. In your body, your drive, in your sense of Self, your confidence, your 'presence;. Maybe it's time to just put yourself out there. To reclaim your own right to some of the spotlight. To celebrate yourself. It's Birthday Time. Wake up! You're special too! Mars/Saturn are the guardian dragons in the moat of your mind, ever there yanking on you to regurgitate mental images of the demonic dragons who burned down your village, or the vampire lovers who ripped out your heart and never gave it back. Since you can't fight darkness with darkness, light a candle. You're not "bad" for entertaining dark-evil thoughts. You're human. And facing/owning your shadow-thoughts is a true sign of a Lightworker and healer.
A yearning to fix something that feels "off" could send you off on a two week bender trying to dig stuff up you thought you'd buried, go rifling through your photo albums or memory banks or trying and failing at creating a sense of emotional completion, safety or resolution. Something isn't fixed. Something is 'wrong'. Is it broken? Oh you love the questions. Sometimes it seems to us you're only pretending to listen because you're busy thinking up new questions. Endless roads, endless words, endless ideas. But the Virgo New Moon is about the useful, not trivial pursuit. Not possibilities but solid fact. Something you can USE. The New Moon in your 4th can help you sort out your home space finally if you're willing to get your hands (or heart) dirty again. Your living situation matters, and its everything now so get to it. Comfy counts. Your family isn't a problem to be solved. But it could be an enigma that needs simple words, easy communication and the acceptance that things aren't meant to be perfect, to actually find some sense of resolution. Maybe you'll never feel it's all perfect. But you'll miss the imperfections when time moves everything and everyone on. Commit to cleaning up true ugly emotional junk (one of your most challenging karmic tasks yet) and that nagging demon doubt in your gut will leave.

​Focus on the physical stuff you CAN handle before you get swept away by emotions that do nothing than keep you stuck in the sewer when you should be dazzling us from the penthouse. The New Moon helps you boost your sense of worthiness in life. Your inner critic can finally be put to use - helping you streamline the whole money thing or figure out what you need,and if it's time to call in for aid. Virgo is help given or received. Strengthen your sense of self-esteem, not merely through others validations but through your own innate sense that there's something within you worthy of being born. Self-appreciation works wonders the next two weeks. You're so proud sometimes you think it's a failure to ask for help or a second opinion. It's not. It's smart. Virgo is on your 2nd House of Resources so this New Moon: Mistakes can be fixed. Things can grow out of thin air, with just a good idea and the willingness to take that infamous "one small step". Mars/Saturn digging around in your cellar reveals emotional demons but also the emotional resilience to ward off all attacks to your good nature, all attempts to diminish your Light. Just don't let your own feelings pull you under. Face the fear, and act like you don't give a damn. Instead....Roar. Rent the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.
SO many worries. SO little time. So many choices. So many possibilities and paths. Life as a Libra is one decision after another. And the constant over-analysis of whether choice B would have been better or what if you'd taken what was behind Door Number 5 instead? Can you change your mind? Is it too late? Does it always have to be an either/or? The fact is life often arranges itself around your decision. And you can change things again. SO calm down, number one. It's a New Moon in your 12th House! We're talking spa treatments, facials, or if you're poo,  sit in the rain and cleanse. Or just sit still, in a quiet space. Showers and baths REALLY help you now. Drinking water too. Lots and Lots. Slowing down. DO it. Notice stress is just a distraction from peace. Mars/Saturn is the fly in your face-cream. Money matters. Too much, sometimes. Having it. Not having it. Owing it. Losing it. Build for security but don't become the dragon with one eye always on what you have and what you want, or you'll rob yourself of true contentment over the long haul. Be sensible. for now, that way you can feel safe without the fear of further loss. 

Hmmm. I'm taking my time with you lot right now. The message channeling for this week is a reminder and a warning. A reminder of your power when your channel all your emotional force.  And a warning of those forces you've been holding onto for far too long. That have become distorted and dark. Scorpios won't ever relinquish power willingly, but sometimes by giving up the need to win, your opponent drops their own sword. It's tricky. You know above all other signs that human lives contain a Dark Side. That sometimes you're seemingly swept up into dreadful situations. You fight. You never give up. Sometimes you should, or at least take a time out to gather your reserves. Mars meeting Saturn in your Sign is about to show you how you handle this whole anger thing and whether you have enough edge to get up and keep going. Will you let Saturn beat you down into submission? HELL NO! There. That's the Scorpio we love. The part of you that's creating the haters out there (you know, the All Scorpios are Evil' brigade)  is the frustration you're letting leak out and polluting your emotional space. There's your New Moon Virgo Key to cleaning away the meanies - focus on your friends: your own ability to rise above all of if. Your power to NOT choose to retaliate. Your Power to let Karma take its own path. Be the Eagle and soar above so that all human problems, including your own, become just harmless ants.
If you were in charge what would you do? Some Aquarians ARE in charge. Saturn and Mars overhead feels like Judge Judy peering down at you and she's not happy. Or is she? it's hard to tell. Life either looks right now like it's ready to sentence you to a grisly prison sentence or you're at the part of the story where you face the monster and slay the demon.  Either way you're a force of power people are fighting against, or you're the one defending from all those wicked people who want what you have. Life could seem harsh, right now. Too heavy, too Dark. But you could be at the part of the story where the wicked thing goes back into its box or whatever dimension it came from. That's where the New Moon comes in handy. In your 8th House it's time to clean up your relationship to secrets, to emotional grudges replayed and thus re-experienced, your sexual side, your obsession over innocence and evil. The New Moon ushers in a period of death by fixing. Old, broken things return to life with the magical qualities of care and skill. You're good at caring. So ask for help too, if you're needing it. Karma is floating around. Whatever you get, is what you get. Judy Judy is just another face of Authority. But you, secretly, are your own. So why over-stress? 
At least there's a chance to either set things right, or have another go and try something new (or at least a new method of attack). The Virgo New Moon of course is your added help to clean up the mess and set the record straight. Errors appear but if you just keep nipping them in the buds as they appear, instead of waiting til they pile up, you'll have so much more extra time. Health-wise every Ram needs a tune-up. Yes, that means YOU. A healthy juice fast, no sugar, or quitting the habit? Good Luck. Legend has it that this is the best New Moon to begin new healthier programs. You'll somehow stick with them easier (even work projects or your work drive) and they're likely to pay off. New Moons are always worth paying attention to. Speeds sprout when it falls in your 6th House (Cycle 6). Mars/Saturn forces you to deal with energies you'd rather would just die off. But pitted against them you could just push through to no longer needing the lesson they come bearing. Any block is a baddy but you're the Hero if you so choose. You always get a choice. Fight but also know when to retreat for a tactical re-strategy plan so you don't overreach or go too far. 
A New Moon in Cycle 6 
Mars meets Saturn in Cycle 8

Read my fuller analysis of these alignments.
What is there to add? Mars pushes, an endless army marching to war. The driver within to Keep Moving Forward. To conquer, to Get.  Saturn is the  The Wall. The perimeter. The "No!" The rule. The ones who enforce it.

Mars and a Wall. A nice image. Reminds me of the Three Little Pigs: 
"I'll huff and and I'll puff and I'll blow your house/wall down"
What are you built of?  The tale will play
 out in various echoes in our lives, in our family and friends and in the papers. 
You just never know. But if you're aware you can awaken yourself 
in the sways of seemingly overwhelming, 
uncontrollable forces or situations and know simply (Virgo) that 
a lesson is being learned by everyone involved.
Not always the same one. Guaranteed to be one for our souls to evolve, Saturn Says. Maybe  it's not wise to be Mars-Pushy when you should have Patience and let Saturn-time weave its own magical wisdom (or at least experience-thus-wisdom) ...or perhaps the exact opposite....That giving up your Push means the Barrier may never be crossed. Some challenges aren't meant to be overcome, however. They exist to help you "keep your true shape". Some rules are meant to be eternal. How much effort do you apply and when do you give up, quit or "know" that  Karma has simply dealt its hand and your Response shapes your Reality.

​All Pisces fish are mystically inclined. Even the ones who say they don't believe in ghosts, or poo-poo astrology. You know the type. The ones who "pretend" they don't have intuition yet can read people like books. That quality comes from your ruler Neptune and your old-time ruler Jupiter (where Fish get their "pursuit for knowledge" gene) .Why the reminder? A NewMoon in your opposing sign is all about the Not You. It's a new beginning, yes, but it's nothing to do with you. You're used to being overlooked of course. BUT...this New Moon you just get to witness and observe how people DON"T use their emotions as well as you, or how humans SEEK LOGIC instead of being open to the magic of synchronicity. Every Pisces needs a Virgo reminder , however (which always feels clinically delivered somehow - which can often be soothing) of what's real, solid, necessary and important. Some people may promise solutions yet cause more problems. Dreams don't pay pills. So listen to advice, watch how everyone else acts. Renew alliances, even the ones that rub you the wrong way only if you feel you're growing. If it's just not working, admit it.  And decide now, what will you stand for, what do you truly believe, what would you die for (person, cause, ideology, standard, belief) and will you commit or waiver on your path to true spiritual wisdom you will go on to teach.

You could use a reminder than life is a stage and you can be any role you choose. You're a Taurus of course, or Taurus Rising so you'll always have that solidness to you, but we so often miss the internal critic, the one who judges your performance. How classy you are. How polite. How attractive. How much beauty or niceness is in you world. These these matter to you, they must. Boy, do we need you though: The Appreciators. But while you appreciate outwardly, sometimes you're lacking on the inside. Your inner sparkle then becomes a stubborn sham to maintain an image of cool composure masking deep insecurities that are merely the ego playing its usual tricks. Improve your performance. Appreciate your laughter, your ability to help someone with even just a smile or a joke. Or a random compliment to a stranger. Appreciate Your skill, your creative wow-ness, your ability to open your heart and love, to say sorry to fix (or at least try to heal) your heart's woes. That's the gift of the New Moon in Virgo for all Bulls. Mars/Saturn challenges you now through those who threaten to stop you in your tracks, or alliances with those who will aid you in bulldozing your way through the bullshit. Not every nice and smiley face is real. Learning to spot the difference between light and dark now lies within your innate sense of true genuineness. Be it. To Receive it. And therein lies your talent to spot a fraud. 
It's time to step into the psychic shower and rinse it all off. To become pure again. Symbolically, of course. you've gotten your hooves way too dirty by now to be considered clean. The forces you fight now are within but you may be somehow not seeing that. The old grudges. The lurking issues with power - the times your soul remembers when you had none, and were at the mercy of pure evil. Even in this life. You don;t hold grudges but past traumas reactivated can awaken an angry coldness within you of "things better left untouched". Past lives, where perhaps your own vengeance went too far and cost you your own life. All very dramatic and dark, eh? But it is. Somewhere in there, within the cellar of your soul, a fight plays on. Dreams may shed more light. What are you attacking or resisting? What are you building for the fear of losing? The Virgo New Moon helps you find all of this out by simply stepping into the psychic shower: a mental space where you decide it's time to shift your "vibe". Stand in your actual shower and wash off the psychic cling-ons or energies stuck to you. You'll know your demons by what washes down the drain, or by what is missing emotionally when you step out this next two weeks. It's simple but easy to forget: Don't let inner demons distract you from your True Light.
Your commitment is what will get you there. When all other signs resign themselves to depression and hang up their hats, you may be surrounded in a black cloud and also hat-less but you're still trudging on. No one conquers the unconquerable as well as you, my friends. Mars/Saturn seems to throw one obstacle after another on the road to your future, but for every yellow brick you manage to nail down and keep down (or replace) the land of Oz lies ever nearer. You must believe you have the strength to overcome adversaries, whether they are friends hiding knives behind their backs, or the world 'out there' that seems to be combative and annoyingly restrictive at times. The New Moon in fellow Earth Sign in your 9th is the breath of fresh air you need. If anything needs fixing,repairing or improving its your outlook, your optimism, your belief that a silver lining lies in the storm clouds. Keep reaching even if the future seems uncertain because when you stretch in the dark, you will indeed find the light switch.
Letting anyone near the soft meat under your shell is a rare and special thing. Sadly it's not a rare thing to know a Cancer Crab whose had their soft spots hurt. Look at the picture to the left. Would you willingly, knowing it's happened before, lay on your back so the sea-gulls could see you? If you're a human Cancer Crab, yes you do because it's who you are. Hard AND soft. Mostly soft, but your softness is your strength. Yes, male Crabs. The fact you care, makes you strong. The Virgo New Moon suggests it's time to focus on mental health and how healthy your actual thought patterns are. If your brain is a computer, which viruses could have slipped in (negative thinking?) or which social conditioning or childhood BS is clouding your hard drive from working at maximum efficiency in the Present. Learn to speak simply, clearer. No embellishments.  Less is more. Don't let your feelings paint dramatic scenes unless its for fiction. Your ego is healing. You've been pecked at. Your soft spots hurt. So you're raw. And liable to hurt someone back. But you also care and need to be needed. So whoever wins your heart (or whichever creative idea you have that you salivate over) has to be Strong, Deeply Emotional Fulfilling, and an ability to surf rapids of human feeling (good, bad and ugly) and won't bail when trouble calls. Same goes for you. You just have to LET yourself be loved back to health again.