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Hefty, Detailed and 
Highly Accurate PERSONALIZED Reports -
starting at $9.95!

Hefty, Detailed and 
Highly Accurate PERSONALIZED Reports -
starting at $9.95!

Hefty, Detailed and 
Highly Accurate PERSONALIZED Reports -
starting at $9.95!

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Aries / Aries Rising

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Emotional Freedom from Emotions. How does that work? Family dyanmics are revealed and it's up to you to break free of the dynamic/pattern/habit. Free yourself to Witness, not React.

The Dark Forces of Self-Doubt, Insecurity and Red Tape have not won. September, the tunnel is within sight.

Use this week to quit, detox and immediately
cease all activities that you know to be detrimental
to you social health or future happiness. You have to be ruthless
and savagely honest with yourself now. Your future depends 
on your present-time awareness of all things subterranean.
It's time to alter something forever. Your Dreams (and your Future)
depend heavily now on weeding and pruning. 
Anything no longer of use must and will go, by choice
or by force. 

Sun in Aquarius square Mars in Scorpio

This aspect builds to a climax Friday and is traditionally noted for its 
themes of competitiveness, conflict and confrontation. Aquarius Season is usually 
a time of social connection, mental blueprints, lofty ideas and ideals as we 
ponder our personal and collective Future. With a challenge from Scorpio, this week seems to
 dip us into the darker aspects of life, where we face most of our impatience,
irritation, frustration or outright hatred.  In short - watch out for 
unconscious material tripping you up, causing social or friendship 'scenes', 
but also for these exact same arenas as the direct cause of distress. 

Use stress as a chance to decide what MUST be altered.

A paradigm in your life (and upon the planet) is in transition.
Hold on too tight to your need for control/order and life gets more stressful. 
Give into the need for change too quickly and you could regret it later on.

 In the end, you can't stop Evolution, no matter how inconvenient it may be to our personal plans.

Avoid reckless decisions this week, just for the sake of change.
It's a volatile time when we'd be wise to proceed
with a tight lip and much caution as the lid is hard to keep over
such simmering subtexts.

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by April Elliott Kent

This is the time of year you're urged to create, have fun, seek pleasure and fill up your cup, so to speak. Sounds great but what about the bills, the payments, the need for money and the security and power it brings. Your Resources seem a hotbed of action and aggression so someone is pushing your buttons over property or money, or you're irritated yourself because you don't have what you want or enough. Security issues could tie you down or offer the incentive to produce something creative, fun, inventive - 
and potentially highly lucrative!

You're usually known for your outrageous and blunt truth-telling & heavy-hitting frankness, but this week seems to churn up more of the material you have buried. Everything you've wanted to say but haven't. Tempting. Probably wiser to save it for your journal or therapist. Dreams seems to involve some form of showdown. Perhaps you're prepping for some form of combat, or simply venting at night for your daily struggles under Saturn's shift. Keeping a cool head now is your challenge, especially when the heat seems to be coming from deep within.

We find you busy beavering away this week, at least mentally, if not physically, figuring out the  whole security thing, probably adding up the numbers and either panicking over what you don't have or safeguarding what you do, with an eye on your security next year, and the year after and the year after that. Both, likely. Don't forget  that each manifestation begins as a mere thought.  Friends grate this week, and even the community around you seems agitated, so proceed peacefully, with awareness and avoid settings where you sense undercurrents brewing
You're issued a challenge, or some form of aggro forcing you to have to step up and show what you're made of. Keep your usual cool, and don't  rise to the bait laid out by bullies and tyrants. Saying that, check your own ego tendency to want to rule, dominate or control because this is the type of week where karma is swift and you  don't want to be on the wrong side of it. Continue putting one foot in front of the other, daring to proceed, to initiate to forge ahead, despite (or perhaps inspired by) any internal or external Block or Barrier.

Even a go-the-flow sign such as yourself needs to be reminded to take regular time-outs, to replenish your spirit! Enjoy each pit stop while you can, especially if you're chomping at the bit for something new. Wallflower or party-animal this is the time to take things a bit easier and reconnect to the the Vision of your Soul. This is the week for therapeutic pursuits, and spiritual healing. Alone-time helps. Your challenge now is to remain centered despite unrest. You want more from your life and aren't scared to now pursue - with a passion - whatever calls you. 

This is an important week. Your future comes under  your own spotlight, as the Universe urges you to  remember that you leaving a legacy in the story you weave as you live. What Change can you say you were a part of during your time here? What did you apply your stubborn resistance and refusal to quit, to? Prepare for a challenge, issued by someone, either directly or passive-aggressively. Could be jealousy, or competitiveness involved. Maintain your composure and position, but know when to withdraw to  continue the fight on stronger ground or self-preserve.

Keep your mind on the bigger picture, firmly set on the distant horizon, as you proceed through the week - you'll need it to
focus when errors surface along with annoying coworkers, health threats or general anxiety over things you can't possibly contain
or control. keeping your mind clean seems the  best path as well as the resilient facing of all problems instead of burying your head or disassociating. You've done this before - keep your mind open, while filtering it for unhelpful and judgmental commentary.

If you can't separate out what is worthwhile and  what isn't, you'll be lured off course by the whims of the moment and things that promise pleasure, but wind up causing more pain. It's time to part company from choices, behaviors and faces that seduce you, but fail to deliver. Use a clinical detachment to observe whether it's what you want that's the  problem or the way you're going after it. When things get intense, breathe and remember everyth

It would be a lucky Leo who isn't challenged by some form of old emotional frustration this week. As a test to see how well you play with others. You won't tolerate insincerity, though. Relationships with others seem fraught with difficult and surrounded by bear traps. Could an old unhealed irritant be skewing your current perspective or  partnership? Look for root causes, foundational weaknesses, and emotional black-holes within your own aura. Drama now stems from insecurity or mistrust. Could you be secretly addicted to the adrenalin rush 
provided by high-intensity conflict?

It's a fast paced week where you have to decide with a fully committed mind, body and soul. Yes or No? Able or unwilling? Going or staying? It may seem black or white at times, but that's fine. Just be careful to avoid choosing when you're rushed, pushed or pissed. Heated words and exchanges take place now when problems become the sore spot instead of  seeking solutions and resolutions, You're your usual OCD, braniac fast-thinker just be careful you don't wound others needlessly  with words as your weapons. 

This is a week to watch. Avoid resorting to underhand tactics or lower level base choices. Mars in your Sign gives you spirit and a certain pushy edge but watch it doesn't blow up in your face. Control yourself! If you're triggered look to your family of origin and events from your past as the root cause of present feelings. To be comfortable now, you have to adjust to emotional change. You're not meant to stay the same or stay put. Let frustration fuel your drive to busting free of any emotional prison.