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Hefty, Detailed and 
Highly Accurate PERSONALIZED Reports -
starting at $9.95!

Hefty, Detailed and 
Highly Accurate PERSONALIZED Reports -
starting at $9.95!

Hefty, Detailed and 
Highly Accurate PERSONALIZED Reports -
starting at $9.95!

Weekly Scope

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Aries / Aries Rising

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Emotional Freedom from Emotions. How does that work? Family dyanmics are revealed and it's up to you to break free of the dynamic/pattern/habit. Free yourself to Witness, not React.

The Dark Forces of Self-Doubt, Insecurity and Red Tape have not won. September, the tunnel is within sight.

The Full Moon waning above us, was Full at 29 degrees suggesting some stuff have reached its natural conclusion, along with uncertainty of what lies ahead. It's too late to change some things, and acceptance may play a part in the current proceedings. In Sag, things get blown out of proportion. Great when you're in an all-you-can-eat buffet, not so great when you're having a bad day. 

The degree symbol is THE POPE BLESSING THE FAITHFUL. Counting Blessings, and Maintaining Faith help us more than ever right now (and are sensible prerequisites for any Saturn-in-Sagittarius passage). The Full Moon was conjunct asteroid GANESHA (in Capricorn) -  the Remover (and Placer!) of Obstacles, so let that symbolism guide you in relation to the walls you find yourself up against and the ones you have managed to scale so far. Credit where credit is due.

 Finally, Mercury in Gemini (or sparkling and open minds) is once again (since retro) challenged by a square from Neptune (illusions & delusions). Our minds are more susceptible from lower level Neptune, namely anything that distracts us from our Soul's true calling, and, thankfully, anything that leads us back to it.

Proceed carefully, watch for misinterpretations, manipulations, duplicity and general dodginess. And open your mind up to Beautiful Visions, Fantastical Possibilities. This is the passage of the Daydream and Diveinely Inspired Acts of Self-Expression and Self-less altruism. 

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by April Elliott Kent

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You're youthful by nature, no matter your age but right now your mind becomes even younger, becoming "curiouser and curiouser" and like Alice (or Neo), you'll no doubt be up for seeing how deep the rabbit hole goes. And that's where you get a lot of juicy info that could prove useful later...and...a lot of drugged-up out-of-it revelations from escapist or deluded (or devious) minds. And a few inspired ideas worth remembering, if you ever can find your way back. Depends how far yuou go now. Your mind is open now - but could it be too open  to being hoodwinked in your desire for somethiung magical? Great time for poetry, movies, music, art, spirituality, charity. Not the best for consistent focus or linear thinking. Need soothing? Seek solitude.

​2016: YOUR Birthday Solar Return
How's your self-worth? Your productivity? Researching new lines of interest or inquiry? Enjoying new comforts, trying new physical delights? So many questions, but questions help now, honing you further into your desire. But you'll still need a PLAN after all this researching or flapping your lips. Friends could prove especially helpful if they can avoid emotional quagmires.Finance and friendship, clash at least right now. Too many intricacies and perhaps hidden agendas. Saying that, your pals prove the ultimate sanctuary and support. If you don't have friends to turn to for emotional support, look now to online groups, focus groups, meetings, meet-ups, hobby pals. Because you need people but you also need them. Keep moving away from the wrong 
types towards those who share your Beautiful Vision or Dream.

Mercury in your sign gives you extra ADD but the extra energy to get it all done. You are on the MOVE. Phones, emails, texts, commuting, post offices. Online searches. Scribbling notes. Hammering keys. Asking questions. Finding answers. You're in your element but you have to be careful for the little gremlins sent after your mind, like viruses waiting to feast on your clarity and curiosity. The drains will come in the form of parental voices dictating either from the grave, or your psyche. Authorities promising things, but blowing smoke. itd be easy to be jaded OR turn it around and pursue your magical fantasies, because Geminis hold pixie dust right now, courtesy of Neptune. Don't spill it, waste it (by letting people rob you of your emotional juice) or spend it on anything that glitters too much. Seek soothing by self-parenting. And a good pat on the back!

Your mind still craves release. So it WILL find it somehow. By switching off (picture a narcoleptic - be careful driving tired or distracted!), by zoning out,
by forgetting things more than usual (or losing them), or by harsher paths that erode your body, mind and  emotional center. Remember, your sign is so highly sensitive you owe it to yourself to self-care as much as you care for those in your circle. Neptune drains this week via those beliefs you still cling to, that life may be showing you are blatantly Not True or lies you may be telling or lthe ones others are selling, to you. Either way, watch what you think is Truth. Chances are, the story is way bigger, deeper and hard to pinpint for even higher reasons. Rekindle your Faith for the  ultimate spiritual soothing.

Your mind is reaching for something new, something unusual, perhaps a one-of-a-mind idea - ESPECIALLY a never-to-be repeated something. Or you're just experimenting and enjoying learning, discovering, sampling. It's all about Unusual Variety this week. A lot is happening away from your eyes, and perhaps even more is happening behind your very own. Something is luring you, a fantasy, an ideal, a possible mirage or illusion. It has to pull on  either your heartstrings, your bank balance or your lower regions to get your attention. That's how we're conned. It's a double edged sword. Continue breaking free of any mental prison you find yourself in, while remaining open to others input while being cautious of secrets yet unrevealed. Sexual soothing is available. Or  you can look to the occult for spiritual sanctuary or to satisfy your need for real magic.

Soak up the spotlight, and all the goodies the Universe sends your way
when you step into Mastery in your life. What you know and what you say hold great sway for others, and especially now. But what you think could hold challenging if you allow certain trouble-making other people (or their dysfunction) to throw you off. You do love a victim, since you love to be a healer, Double-edged sword. Focus on continuing your Great Life's Work despite where you are (or aren't) with anyone else. Anyone. Prepare for a help up, a bonus, a massive compliment, good PR.  People do notice what you do!

You could die. Goodness, how many times does that thought cross your mind. Or someone close to you. More crisis is in your head, despite how it may seem outside. Your mind, on the Big Stuff again - what must go, what must stay. Feed it with what you love best, lots of juicy drama stories, forensic files, mysterious supernatural stories, life after death documentaries and so on. You know the drill. If not, your mind will go seeking trouble!! And above all, be very,  very careful with what feels good.  Because it's an easy and slippery slope towards the trap of the addictive pursuit of pleasure. Don't let what you enjoy, consume you so it's no longer fun. Soothe your inner child with the magic and fantasy of your childhood joys.

Some very important conversations are taking place. You always end up in serious discussions as much as light-hearted banter, but right now you're building or burning bridges with what you say and what you allow others to say to you. Some people are messengers with something you should hear. Sometimes you're passing on what needs to be said. Chances are you're still preaching, but we love you for sharing (apart from those days when your mouth's on overdrive). Communication will put wedges between you and those close, or allow for mutual sharing. Soothe yourself by nesting, with creature comforts but Do Not Become a Shut-In nor get drained by the emotional residue of family disquiet or personal problems. Outside refreshes, even if's a quick walk to clear your beautiful brain, and fill it with the right words for the right time.

You're in a busy period, at least it's busy in your head. Playing healer, repairer, researcher.  Lot of facts flying around, and new pieces of info and insight. What you'll do with it isn't important, just continue collecting. You never know when you'll need a memory, snippet of data, phone number or document. Tell people where important stuff is, and think over going for a check-up. Mental health is important to nurture now, since you can drift into depressive states, with the responsibility always heaped on you, from outside or from within. Neptune in Cycle 3 is a tricky balance between emotionally caving in by dwelling on thoughts and mindsets that lead into black holes and allowing yourself to feel, release feelings and allow space for creative mindsets and some divinely inspired ideas. Soothe your head.
Music, headphones? Babbling Brooks? Silence?
Your mind wants some fun! Boy does it need the vacation. But it also needs NEW input. You're hungry, (sometimes desperate) to find something new to love. You'll know it when you find it. But curiosity could lead you on some fun conquests or romantic escapades and also some wonderfully new creative tools or mediums. When your mind is focused on fun...everything gets better. So give your head a vacation! Astro-doc orders. But...yea there had to be one...financial drains linger around you. Escapism through food or other intoxicating and addictive emotional-adjusters. At least, be aware if nothing else sticks, of self-esteem insecurity, low bank balances or a feeling of "not having" something are all just phatasms and sent to keep you from the fun your stressed-genius-wildchild brain currently needs, desires and deserves. Sooth with baths, rubs, time in natural settings.

You're good with wobbly situations, living by the tiny signals you pick up by your psychic antenna. Not so good with remaining stable when things outside are in flux. Or are you? Maybe you've forgotten you were born for times like these - when no one is certain and it's a level playing field all round.Right now, find a way to both enjoy the nuances presenting themselves every day (when all may look 'the same') without tripping yourself over by adding further instability because you cannot drop your anchor on anything definite. Get comfy, but not in a comfort zone but in a Zone that offers Comfort no matter when, what, why, where, how or who you're with.

The mind is willing, but the body? Aches and pains from possible undigested emotional grief could hold you back from your mind getting what it wants - a fresh taste of new air. If so, then it's time for travel channels, photos and magazines of foreign shores, browse homes in other countries, learn a new recipe, research something you see at a museum. This week you're hungry and it's time you loosened up and let your mind wander. Who knows who or what you'll meet or learn along the way. Mental Adventure! However, there's always snakes in the wild, so on the road this week, watch out for messy schedules or lazy to-do list avoidance. Soothe yourself now with the exact opposite - ROUTINE. Find something helpful and healthy , practical or productive and do it Every Day. With enough breaks for fantasy, magic and Doing Absolutely nothing.