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Relationships deepen or die. Call in the love specialist. Suspicion kills intimacy but dark secrets revealed help build trust. Speaking of which -a trust fund would be nice. Chip in together - on anything! Sex is easy; divulging your 'dark side' isn't. Moderation comes after first going overboard (think rehab). What's rightfully yours is on its way. Only smile when you mean it. Be wary of sickly sweet smiles hiding ulterior motives. Whose side are you on? Real love outlasts all kinds of evil, turbulence, change or death. Bonds forged now last. Bonds broken now seem permanent unless both parties are willing to go there. Are the dead or gone trying to contact you? Life tests the chains that bind you to others - will they break or will you hold on? Quit trying to do it all on your own. Proving self-sufficient independence gets old and there's no gain. Merge. Unite. Share. Join. The quest for safety or security gives way to the willingness to face the danger- together.
Call in the family mediator. Play referee or get out of the boxing ring. Realize some roots are too deep to yank up. Re-pot yourself or buy fertilizer to keep you sprouting. Don't blame anyone for your lack of inner peace, seek it and it shall be yours. Soothe yourself. Avoid letting your current state overwhelm you. Nurturing is lopsided - wrap your claws around yourself and squeeze. Keep feeding house plants and find animals to ease uncertainty. Sit somewhere completely quiet and forever beautiful. Find peace with a problematic past - by reviewing it from a more comfortable present. You're not married to your feelings (so you're not doomed). Instability teaches you how to surf the rapids. You're a water sign. Cardinal so you have to keep moving but have a 'go-to' place of quiet sanctuary within. Provide for your needs then extend it to family and those you share your nest with. Observe the ebb and flow of emotional tides. Take beautiful photos and review old ones that make you smile. Your place in life doesn't reflect the real you. Think Personal, not Professional growth now.
​Chill the %$#@ out. Sit in a quiet room, alone. Talk to your God. Listen to meditation/classical music, anything without lyrics. Breathe in Peace, Breathe out Panic. Make a wish and release it now forever. Accept your weakness and vulnerability when it comes to love. Secrets are revealed. Closets are opened. Lost things are found. Lose yourself in beauty. Find a jacuzzi/hot tub/bath and soak there til you're a prune. Don't fight the rawness. Unconditional love changes everything so start with yourself. You're not broken, just being custom-build in each moment. Close your eyes, visit the ocean and relax. Avoid the lure of false gold. Silence your mouth and mental monitoring. Give no further thought to how to "fix" something for good. And even less though to what isn't working up to par. It's about acceptance of the imperfections now. It takes practice. Deep breathe and trust that someone, somewhere is watching over all of this from behind the scenes, sending love. If only you are open enough and love yourself enough (ugly warts and all) to receive it.
​You know who your friends are. Or you soon will. Love them as you would your significant other, because they are significant. Give partners space to breathe. Possessive clinging smothers true affection. Forget social rules on "how" partnerships - business or pleasure - "should" be handled. When in need, ask for help. Accept invites. Meet new people. Conflict? Sleep on it or get some air. Big plans are brewing up something big for your future. Love your weirdness. Forget chasing attention. Accept that your kids aren't mere extensions of you so celebrate their independent separateness. Acting out no longer works. Ego tantrums don't get you what you want. You have to step back and gain perspective. Join a group. Leave one that doesn't suit you. Get as far away as possible from your own selfish demands, by focusing on the social causes, the friends in need, the global agendas to promote cross cultural peace, art, beauty and cooperation. Creativity pours in when you least expect it to and you come alive when you feel you're being of service to something greater than the greedy gollum that lurks within every human.
Love and money. The love OF money. The money you have stashed away, and the money you have (or don't have) to spend on (or need from) someone else. Security means moderation now. Juggling the numbers. Pinching here, splurging there. Is it fair? If not, karmic justice steps in to even the landscape. Enjoy everything natural. Go for simplicity. Appreciate on a daily basis. Lack? Just a matter of perspective. You may not have THIS, but you do have plenty of THAT. Love yourself back to feeling worthy, no one else will. Leaning on others for a sense of self/financial aid has to end eventually. Dark days brighten when you get back to what YOU want, need and deserve and what you can do (with others) to build up your savings and a solid sense of self. Use emotional stress as a fuel to building a better life. Share the small bounties with others; they'll return in kind. Offer what you have, and more will be given. Leave behind that life-or-death-black-or-white way of being and move once more towards leisurely acceptance of life's simple, free, pleasure.
Look at the picture to the left. Too much of something, not enough of another. Lack of balance. The Eclipse in your Sign reveals where you're out of synch with yourself and thus out of whack with everyone else. Battles ensue, lines are drawn in the sand. Defenses are high, because emotions run higher. The spotlight is on you. On how YOU feel. You can point the finger but your sense of self no longer is built on who you know, and how you treat them, or they you. You are your own person and you must stand alone eventually, even if you're entangled in a business or love connection. Clear out old clothes. Write your fears on paper and burn it. Perform the biggest Full Moon Releasing Ritual of your life, however that looks to you. Avoid blowups. Avoid either/or options. There's no one to fight with but yourself. Detox from crappy food, crappy thoughts, crappy routines, crappy self-talk, crappy judgment. Instead, let go so that you may find yourself again when all the dust has settled. Prepare to be born again. Instead of getting angry with others, be gentle....with yourself. 
Emotions override logical thinking. Decisions get clearer when you see how you feel when the chips are down. Count to 10! Breathe. Big news? Communication is your relationship make-or-break. Block the flow and emotions will open the floodgates. Changing your mind often doesn't make you crazy, but denying the need to weigh it up does. All those things you never said end up being spoken. Can you stay regal and polite? Active listening helps ease troubled relations. Kill them with kindness but fake flattery is obvious. Give up righteous reasoning, holier-than-thou monologues and instead deal with what's right in front of you (and the fact you need to listen and learn not assume you have the answers). Ignore the "bigger picture", zoom in on the parts not the whole. You can't force people to be nice or fair but you can model it. Think Peace,even when your mind is raging. Question everything. The truth won't mind the scrutiny. Write poetry  and songs. Speak now, or forever hold your peace.
Forget how things have been done before, what gifts the family did or didn't give you to help you create this unique "you" and any emotional irritations. Take charge. With as much diplomacy as possible. No more playing the System. It's crumbling, anyway. BE fair, even in cheating times. Choose no side. Stand on both. Win-Win. Failure is a mindset,even for a sign who defines their progress on Achievement and Overcoming. You swim or you sink. Or, you float to catch your breathe then swim again.  You show up. That's all. Nothing more can be expected. You put your needs aside and do what has to be done.  It's no longer about your Parents but it has everything to do with them. Outshine them. Surpass the legacy of your ancestry and genetic inheritance.  A new position - stepping up or down? Even now, stand chin up because power is given to those who no longer fear it. Control freaks will lose, however. Patient politeness will win. Karmic Justice prevails. Inner Anger & Angst or Professional Prowess? Harness the two "appropriately"and you'll survive to thrive.
Get out of your own head. Alone with thoughts that analyze yourself, your life, where you are, who you are, where you think you should be..etc...you distract from your real goal now - the every expanding options of The Adventure. Whether through love, or artwork, creativity or relationship connections with lovers, friends, employers, employees or business partners, you are forever Our Friend, but now you're ready for a new quest, to learn more, to experience more, to see and be more (and not alone). To learn just how big love is, to meet new people from all over the globe. Whether the next 6 months sees international travel or simply an influx of "foreigners" to your home shores (or online), emotional boredom or impatience leads you to new knowledge, ancient wisdom and a growing sense of how much of the world still waits to meet YOU. To set off, you have to leave behind the ideas you have that rattle your brain and keep you stuck replaying old stories. it's time to let a new story write you into it.
Where do we start? Self-obsession drains you. Looking in the mirror even hurts  at times. Flying solo somehow seems problematic. Getting things started or off the ground, even harder. Why? Your ruler Mars moves back in your opposing sign. Other people have the better cards or so it seems? Conflict or Compromise? Waging war or steering through litigation? When you stand your ground, others stand theirs. How about the middle ground? Relationships take a dramatic turn - emotions illuminate where needs aren't being met, or ruin something good. Sometimes you just have to say enough is enough. Patience still pays massive rewards, even when you'd rather rush in and demand a Yes or a No. If you're heated, back off. Only calm decisions lead to better solutions. You may be thwarted, blocked, stifled and ready to scream, but the Universe is ready to align you with helpers and allies just as soon as you give up wanting, demanding or needing it Your way.
Insecurities abound, it's the human condition. What ifs, possibilities, potential pitfalls and pratfalls, pains and problems. You can sit and wonder til you make yourself nuts, whether you 'have what it takes' to simply walk your way through even your own life, let alone take on any bigger plans and projects. But you'd be dead wrong. It's the problems that count now because the Universe singles you out under the Eclipse to: find a steady daily rhythm, produce something beautiful, truly work on love and make your work an expression of love. Repair by restoring balance and harmony. Be at peace with imperfections. Seek similarities, but appreciate the nuances. Treading the  sometimes-boring middle ground is actually all you need do to help the rest fall in place. Emotions rock your boat but you're a Bull, you know how to drop anchor. So do so with the grace, patience, humility and love we have come to expect and eternally appreciate, from knowing you.
It's all about Love. The love you have, the adoration you need, the attention you crave, the spotlight you chase, the romance you were made for.When you don't feel the love, you're crushed and when you let the feelings of others affect your own self-judgment, well then you really are royally screwed. This Eclipse suggests you stop playing the independent lone wolf and actually get involved. In what? In anything where you're centre-stage, giving from your heart, risking rejection and otherwise putting your ego on the line. It's no time to be a chicken-shit anymore. Your inner child, your personal projects and your very ego demand you come to grips with the love thing. The feeling special thing. Either you become your own generator, able to uplift yourself and other by remembering that the way to feel love is to give it, or you suddenly turn to stone and lose your sparkle. Stop standing on the sidelines watching and get back in the game.