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Are other people pulling you down with their emotional issues? Or are they giving your chance to earn more Helper/Healer stripes?Strangely enough, just as you're the one stuck in the role of "I have it all Together so its Left to Me" you may find one of those "messes" around you gives you just what YOU need - a kind word of compassion, and emotional message of comfort. It's all about mutuality now. Don't blame others for not being as together as you are. You're detailed oriented but lose sight of the big picture sometimes. And you give practical grounding to those wallowing in grief. Be both - strong and soft. Someone who cries and someone who can wipe away tears. A strong shoulder and yet someone able to listen to others because somewhere in all of this is an opportunity to not only help but be helped in ways you may not realize you still need. Be an angel to someone and watch an angel appear to help you too.

​As the Sun highlights all things to do with your family, your home, comfort food and your deepest feelings, Neptune reminds you that questions hang overhead and you have nothing but faith to ride on. "What if? "What if" You could drive yourself crazy with that. Neptune answers no questions you have, so as an information-seeker you may need a third, fourth or fifth opinion, or simply sit and wait or pray on it. Virgo at the bottom of your Chart is clear - get grounded, eat, sleep. The basics keep you on solid ground. You have no control over those above you. Customer Service reps may lie or just be plain rude. Or they may be the guardian angels you secretly need. When you have No Solid Answer or Direction, all you can do is gaze into the fog and keep a trajectory, a general idea of where you want to go. And let the jigsaw fall into place by doing what you can to be as emotionally at peace as possible no matter what tidal wave or storm lays before you.
What's yours, what's theirs, do you trust them can you let down your guard? Is it all about money right now? All Lions seem to be dealing with the tangible stuff. The money that's been owed you for some time. The legal stuff. The paperwork. The marriage funds. Your bank account. Someone else's bank account. Is your head spinning yet? You can handle it of course. You were build for big numbers, but also for budgeting (all Leos LOVE a bargain). Slim down during this time of your year so you can plan for the bigger stuff later on and be careful - investing in schemes, dreams or people that seem sooo special and sooo magical could just be Neptune smoke and mirrors. Is it fool's gold? You won't know just yet so don't part with anything until you are sure your back is covered and you're being...yep..."sensible"!
​You have to focus on the Future. You can't keep playing over the LIFE AS IS scenario you have going on before you. Sure, Saturn won't let you look away, but you can hop over the fence in your mind and have a gander at the possibilities you'd like to see play out. Just BE OPEN to change because let's face it, you're built from the stuff and change isn't always heavy/bad/dark or upsetting. Virgo Season is about improvement, we know this. For Scorpions, it's about clearing your life of Yesterday and beginning to focus on the things you DO desire. Simple magic but you'll have to un-claw yourself from the fears Saturn has thrown in your path. If you want to start at the beginning of my book (Cycle 11 is the first Cycle, it'll explain why) as this is your Future-Blueprint-Designing time of your Year. What you fixate on grows. Simple as that. Try the website free for ideas. In the meantime enjoy the Great Escape just remember that for every high there is a low and that for every instant gratification there could be a longer cost. You're not about limits, by any means. Have fun but think over whether what you're doing now will help the You you want to be six months from now. 
The picture to your left is symbolic in a different way. Is your cup being emptied? Are you giving something away or is there nothing left to offer? Well, firstly you always have something to offer, some that gives you value as a human besides what you can sell for a dollar on a street corner. You have intuition that far surpasses many mortals for example. Neptune confuses your boundaries. Sometimes you feel safe and secure with what you have and sometimes you don't. You probably won't feel you have everything you need because there would be no fun then and you'd stop. But the Universe doesn't want you to stop. You're the sign of the Age - the Age of Aquarius. In Cycle 8, as the Sun moves through Virgo, you clear up your life by deciding firmly what is DONE. What needs to be tossed out. What is garbage and what deserves a second look before you get dramatic and decide it's dead. Death, sure, that's always a part of this time of year for you. But you've learned now that things come and go, so do people so all you can do is give fully of your madness, your genius and not sweat the small stuff that's always changing anyway. Stand firm in your ability to face the darkness and not even wince.
You're a workaholic, work-horse, efficiency-machine until you run out of steam, coffee or apathy takes hold and you're suddenly refusing to take another step or you're calling in sick or vanishing off the radar or under the covers. Fact is you HAVE to keep some sort of routine and rhythm going. By all means, take breathers. Lots of them. You NEED escape, you NEED a time out. But you also MUST stay healthy. It's your job to juggle this. We need you to be ON but willing to switch OFF when it would be better to coast rather than your usual "Charge!" mentality. Take care of laundry. Dishes. Sweep. Dust. You'll find in quiet moments, answers do arrive and inspiration (or at least peace) descends. When you rush you miss the magic and make mistakes. Slow down for maximum efficiency.

Naps are nice but paperwork won't fill itself out.
Schedules are great til human/computer error screws it up.

Sun in Virgo opposed by Neptune this week is a lot like 
caffeine with a tranquilizer.
You need to be on, but you also find you either want to, 
or can't avoid having to, take a Time Out from something.

Energy is leaky. Focus is diffused. 
But brilliant ideas come when you 
program your mind with the problem 
and let your unconscious go to work a solution 
when you're busy doing other things.

Sometimes it's best to Sleep On It.

You need an anchor. It could be a physical practice to ground you. Or a more practical person you can bounce ideas off. You can't just go drifting off with Neptune in your sign, or you're no use to anyone. You "leave" so that you can come back to share your clearer energy. With Neptune opposing the Sun in Virgo you can't stay asleep, but you can't stay awake so long and burn yourself out. Balance is needed. You've become more practical than ever which is stressful but every sign is encouraged to become more like its opposite. So be a Virgo-Pisces for now. Be organized but allow time to be messy. Cry but then turn to problem solving. Float then get out the pool and tick off your To Do List. In return, you may just be unwittingly and unknowingly passing on some Neptune peace to those souls who are knee-deep in problematic worries. Your magic dust rubs off where its needed.

This is the time when you seem forced to deal with life's basics. Staying healthy. Keeping work going. Staying on on top of whatever your life consists of. Dealing with authority. Mistakes. human Error. Computer error. Meanwhile Neptune at the lowest point of your chart suggests everything is subject to emotional flux. Nothing is guaranteed. Nothing is certain. Except the fact you have to try and continue to plot and plan a road ahead, while trudging through tides or mud that threatens to pull you over should you stop for breathe. Now is all about balance - between doing what you CAN do and allowing your feelings to ebb and flow. It's not about stability right now, it's about doing the best you can where you are with what you have. Ask for help. Give help. Cry to release pressure. But laugh more - that's your remedy for everything - and it WORKS! And know that some memories will always come with certain emotions that sometimes are better left in the past if they can't be resolved. Acceptance is compassion.
There's always a bigger picture and if you reach for it, a silver lining. Miracles do happen. Do you have to pray for them? I don't know. Maybe all Goats can give it a shot this week. You need a new frame of reference. You need to make your bubble bigger. Reading the same newspapers, magazines, telling the same stories, reading the same books - how can you learn anything if you're stuck doing the same stuff? The Sun in your 9th asks that you fine-tune your life by renewing vows, reestablishing faith,  refreshing your philosophy and generally learning new things. Look up HOW TO videos on YouTube. Useful stuff. Like how to pick a lock if you're stuck outside or hot-wire a car, in case of a zombie apocalypse. You can never be too careful, right? You goats are so sensible and smart. That's why you'll have to be wary of those floating fog banks that obscure your vision and make you think you're seeing crystal clear when you're simply high or just out of it. If it's all in the eye of the beholder, maybe have them pass an eye test first.
OH the details, the paperwork, the decisions, the problems, the problem-solving, the problems that aren't getting solved even though you've bent your head in pretzel shapes. Argh! Stop. Stop everything. Take a breathe. Right Now. A clear head is everything and you need one now. Emotions keep you trapped Logic frees you so turn robotic if need be and think A and B and then C. What needs doing next? Then what? Start from Now and work forward. Not everything is meant to run smoothly under Virgo Season. You're not crazy, but you sure feel it. Your head is full of the woes of what isn't working or what needs fixing. Great, you're on the right path BUT don't forget that Neptune opposing in your 9th of Beliefs reminds you that YOU don't have access to all the computers of the world or the people in it. The Universe does. Thats your connector. Have faith that your case is being heard in some room somewhere. Your name is being mentioned. You're not alone, just in your head. Clear your mind daily and leave gaps so that wonderful things can happen WITHOUT your mental interference. 

The world needs those who can laugh during the darkest times. That's you, right now Taurus. You should be working on improving your skills and performance and presence and all that jazz but mostly just having a hearty laugh and reminding us all that joy does exist no matter how dire the news may appear to be. What are you creating? If nothing, you're in trouble, Bull! When you're not shining your inner light on expressing yourself, your ego backs up and suddenly everything glitches and you're just plain irritated. Friendship is a weird thing.  You know you have some solid connections but even they are subject to the changing moods we all seem to face more rapidly these days - especially with Neptune in opposition in your social house. Again, dance with the dancers. Smoke with the Smokers. Sing with the singers. Sew with the stitchers. Laugh with the comedians. Help with the volunteers but just know that whomever you spend time with now is either increasing your light or diminishing it. It all depends how self-destructive or self-creative you choose to be.
A vacation from your own head would be nice. Ahhh. A spa away from all thought, far removed from the analysis and criticism that seeps through the basement of your unconscious mind. Awake or asleep, worry eats away. But with the Sun in Cycle 12 now it's all about pulling the plug. That means a sort of detox/colonic/cleanse type deal (or ordeal) where you wash off the past year and find a Moment in Time where you quit all thought, drop all worry and just let everything catch up with you. Sure, there may be tears. A shower or bath could release either sudden singing or sudden tears, maybe both. Neptune meanwhile softens your approach to getting things done. You have more sensitivity to things going wrong but also, perhaps, a more spiritual philosophy when they don't. Find that balance and finally, your scales may be (temporarily) on an even keel?