Born under the sign of Purity is a tough quest for any mortal but the Virgo Soul spends a lifetime trying to perfect some part of themselves if not the entire package.

The Virgos I have had the honor of meeting and knowing, have always been humble, practical, caring and always ready to help - no other sign is ready to roll up their sleeves and chip in to make life easier for someone. Virgos do so without complaining, because they thrive on doing a good job for the sake of it.

Virgos have been my fix-it sign - the ones with a little knowledge about everything and always with a bucket of pills on top of their fridge (as one Virgo I knew had), a bottle of vitamin water at hand (as another has) and a way to make things work better.

Are the Virgins? Please - who is, these days right? Virgos are earth signs, so they are deeply sexual and often bounce between sinner and saint, whore and nun. However I have yet to meet another sign who can remain "clean" and "pure" even knee-deep in mud or taboos.

Your life quest is to find meaningful work, to be of service to people, to be humble and to do your best no matter what or where. Self-improvement can become a nagging self-doubt or a biting critical nature that others never relate well too - no ones likes being under the exacting standards you have for yourself!

However you have the ability to live life simply - with only the necessities. You seek out chaos whether you know it or not, because your life is about creating Order. Just make sure you don't get lost in either polarity - making messes just for the sake of having a Clear-out 
phase.  Find a middle ground and you'll find the peace you desire.

(c) Neil D Paris
Helpful Healer
Committed Worker
Offers assistance freely
Brings Order to Chaos 
Critical Eye for Detail
Has access to useful info
Call-in Clean-up Crew
Dedicated Helper/Healer/Fixer
Health Professional
Practical advice & insight
Selfless Social Servant
Disseminator of Practical Info

Virgo, the Virgin
 (Aug 23 - Sep 21)
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