Some of the friends that have remained true, solid and dependable in the course of my current lifetime are Taurean. Under the element of Fixed Earth they prove to be the most unchanging (yet forever growing) trees of strength, firmly rooted in reality and with the most secure arms you’re ever to find in this realm.

I associated Eden with Taurus. I helped one recently repot plants and I see their natural magic with nature. Ask for a massage or give one to them and you’re in paradise. Cook or share a meal and you’re sharing your soul, and they theirs.

Taurus is the sign of the skeptic so it always amuses me when a Taurus asks me to ‘prove; Astrology. Of course, one reading with their chart is enough to show them there’s a vast world out there of information they only imagined existed and once on the path they can becomes great metaphysicians themselves – since they seek information you can touch, see, smell, taste and hold in their earth-worn hands.

Taurus is also the sign of the musician, the artist, the painter and the hairdresser – anything that works or manipulates physical matter, to craft it into something more beautiful. Whatever Taurus touches transforms and becomes the best it can be.

As the sign of finance, Taurus is also a genius and growing small numbers and nurturing them into something larger – they save and yield large returns because they are wise of the ways of paper, coins and numbers. Remember this is the Builder of the Zodiac. 

As we enter Taurus season, I remember and rejoice the souls born under the sign of the Bull and the rich reward of friendship they have entrusted to me. Real people, genuine people and souls who are there for you through thick or thin, are rare jewels in the rainbow reality we currently live in, and I will always look to Taurus for something that remains strong – a clifftop that only moves for the changing emotional tides beneath, but for no one and nothing else, or the oak tree that grows ever taller each year, sheltering and providing food and comfort and a place to sit, rest and sleep for those in need.

Peace – the Taurus dream, and simple comforts, the royal road to it.

(c) Neil D Paris
Taurus, the Bull
April 20 - May 20 
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Patient, Persistant
Enjoys Simple Pleasures
Finely Tuned Senses
Material Manifestor
Slow, Steady, Stubborn
Lover of Nature
Gourmet Tastes/Glutton
Focused on Value/Wealth
Earthy Appetites
Dependable & Loyal