I adore Scorpio.

From the moment I first started studying Astrology, I knew there was something about this sign I really was drawn to. Perhaps it was because I born a fellow water sign Pisces (and later I'd find I was born with Scorpio Rising) but a lot of souls I was attracted to, or whose paths connected with mine were born usually in the first week of November.

It still happens today. Even some late October souls are creeping in. That's how Scorpio is - they creep. One day they appear in your life - and either vanish with an explosion, or they stick around for a very long time. it's all-or-nothing. Either way, once you meet a Scorpio, your life is set to change.

Scorpio is the most passionate sign - full of dark corners and mystical secrets. They 'know' stuff. They like hidden knowledge. Any surprise that this sign falls during Halloween? Scorpios know what's beneath the 'mask' of their fellow humans. They seek out the Dark Side at some point, and usually rise again, like the Phoenix, and are reborn into the Light. Some however, decide to stay on the Darker Side. Power is power after all - it's up to us as individuals to choose how to use it.

Scorpio is depth - still waters run deep. You know where you stand with a Scorpio - they're either with you or they don't even register you. Nothing is done half-way - it's all about extremes and intensity. 

Destroying one way of life to make room for another is a favorite Scorpio pasttime. I've been taught over the years by my close Scorpio allies, that Death is a must, if you're to blossom into something new - that true Change comes when you learn to let go of the past. 

I hope this is a wonderful Scorpio season for you all - give a blessing for the Scorpio in your life. I've found them some of the most loyal, genuine and real people walking this planet and my life has been enriched because of them.
Neil D Paris
Intense & Passionate
100% All of Nothing
Life of extreme rebirth
Lifelong Loyal Friend
Formidable Foe
Eternal Emotional Recall
Unafraid of Underworld
Surgeon-like Focus
Healer, Transformer
Alchemist, Magician
Private - Taboo Breaker

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Scorpio, the Scorpion
 October 22  to November 21
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