It's a common belief in Astrological Circles that Sagittarius is the 'luckiest' sign - which is funny considering Sagittarius is the sign OF belief. No wonder you have they have that reputation - their planet is Jupiter - Lord of Good Things, Fun Times, Joy and Laughter.

It's no coincidence that during Sagittarius Season, the US celebrated Thanksgiving - a time when family and friends gather to share HUGE meals. Sagittarius and Jupiter like to do things on a BIG scale - size matters, the more the merrier, the bigger the better!

Thanksgiving is celebrated on the last Thursday (in french - Jeudi, Jupiter's Day) of November (in Sagittarius Season). 

Sagittarian's are such a breathe of fresh air. In my experience of them, they always save the day with a joke, a funny story or just the ability to Say It Like It Is. It's the sign of FREEDOM, TRAVEL, wide-open spaces - the sign of the Road Trip - the two leads in Thelma and Louise were born with their Mars in Sagittarius.

Sag are nothing is not honest - in fact that is, in my opinion, their greatest strength. They'd rather die than live a lie and that's a pretty powerful position to take. many Sags are teachers, travelers, students or just live in a perpetual state of learning - ask Why, How, What, When and their favorite - WHY?

I've always enjoyed being around Sagittarius. Again, maybe I'm biased - I was born with a Sagittarius Moon (of course I teach Astrology and live overseas). The quest to find some meaning in life - religious, spiritual, educational etc - leads Sag on a never-ending voyage of Discovery. The Journey becomes more important than the destination.

Since this is the season of Joy - Sagittarians remind us that the best philosophy in life is to smile, and see the silver lining. Jupiter promises something better ahead, if not now. Another door opening, another chance meeting, another win, another lucky gamble that pays off. Another stranger who turns into a friend. A new lead, a new job. Bigger, better, more fun, and freer than ever.

If you believe, you can work miracles. Sagittarians prove this every time. We should take a leaf out of their wisdom book - and believe in ourselves for once. Then the world - and the worlds beyond it - are your oyster. Bon Voyage!
Neil D Paris
(c) Neil D Paris
Sagittarius, the Archer
November 23 - December 21
Seeks Adventure
Eats up Knowledge
Natural Teacher
Laughs at Life & Self
Joyous & Generous
Travels physically
or mentally
Larger than Life
Tactless but honest!
Crosses Borders
Pushes the Envelope
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