Pisces isn’t so much the last sign of the zodiac as most people like to think, but the ‘sign before the first’. It’s the part of the journey where endings meet beginnings, and things dissolve to make way for something new.

In its soul journey, Pisces represents the completion of a major cycle of existence, but it’s not the end by all means. Linda Goodman remarked it was impossible to be a Piscean without first having been through every other sign. 

Pisces is a tricky sign to ‘diagnose’ not just medically, but on every level. So therefore I won’t even try – I will say that Pisces souls are old, very old. Does that mean wise? You’d think so, but wisdom is tricky – since the soul wants to escape the physical realm in the Pisces stage of existence, Pisces people often fall victim to escapist paths – such as drink or drugs.

Pisces is where it all makes no sense yet it all makes sense. It’s the sign of psychic energy, amazing intuition and creativity. Give Pisces a piano and they’ll play you a ballad that’ll make you cry. Give them a pen they’ll write the next blockbuster. That’s if they can finish what they start – Pisces know and see so much often it’s too difficult to get into gear to give it a channel. Yet the world needs to hear what you have to say, Pisces.

Pisces is water – the element that gets so far in life by just ‘being’. It flows around obstacles or embraces them (the rock in the stream). It can take the shape of any vessel it’s poured into (Pisces ability to shapeshift). It can wear away a cliff-face (gentle patience). It can also drown you (emotional whirlpools) be frozen (emotional blocks) or turn to magical snow (Piscean mystery).

In Pisces we see everything we as humans go through. These people are selfless, and spiritual, even if they appear to have no beliefs. It’s easy to become a drifter as a Pisces. It’s hard to embrace your inner voice and stay grounded and be useful.

Use whatever means you can in this world, Fish, to make the world a better place. It’s your Mission and your Salvation. When people need help, you’re there shining and at your best. As your soul prepares to leave this realm for other adventures, you get to see how everything is connected – everything. 

Pisces reminds us that we’re all part of the same wheel. Some Astrologers say that in Pisces we either ‘save or suffer’. It’s truly that simple – what we give to others, we feel back. To ease another’s life, is to ease our own.

Imagine feeling everything that others feel. Where does that leave you?

That’s the Pisces path. Yet these people above all other signs can feel such depth, such beauty and see, sense and imagine such amazing things, that go beyond words. One day we’ll all have the privilege to experience the same.

Until then, look to your Piscean mates, friends and partners to share a special magical realm with you. 

(c) Neil D Paris NewWorldAstrology.com
Pisces, the Fish
February 19 -  - March 19
Psychically Sensitive
Easily Addicted
Can Read your Feelings
Unbeatable Imagination
Wants to Escape Reality
Drifter & Dreamer
Dancer, Poet, Actor
Helper, Healer, Victim
Romantic Idealist

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