Linda Goodman her own words.
The following excerpts are a rare find - a tape hidden in Linda's writing desk at her estate auction in Cripple Creek, Colarado and are perhaps her final messages to us, in her own words; readings from her poetry-prose autobiography Gooberz.

Old-souls, reincarnation, Atlantis
& The secret to Magick
Soul-mate nostalgia & The Law of Giving
War, The illusion of Patriotism
& The Soul's Memory

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In Memory of Linda
A personal tribute
A tribute from Linda's friend
The legacy of Linda Goodman

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As the Principle Astrologer at the Linda Goodman Foundation,
I had the pleasure of not only sharing Astrology with countless people around the globe but of sharing personal space with Linda's energy, work and Vision..

Sitting beneath a stunning portrait of Linda, a painting commissioned from the very picture below, I was allowed a daily glimpse into Linda's vision, methods and soul while pursuing my own Astrological Path. 

My work, to this day, continues the Vision Linda herself worked to, incorporating my own findings and intuitions to form a cohesive practice. I am delighted to share this with you. 

Part of Linda's vision was that we may all become our own Guides and Astrologers. My Work is my own contribution to this Vision.

Neil D Paris