Every Libra I have ever met or known had a great smile. Legend has it Libras are blessed by their ruling planet Libra with great looks. Even the ones who don't grace the cover of tacky checkout mags have something to smile about -  symmetrical features, dimples, a twinkle in the eye and the infamous Venus Smile. How could we ever forget it.

Knowing many Librans personally I can say without the shadow of a doubt that you always, without fail, get your way - but always, with Honey. Your opposite sign, Aries, makes you much more aggressive at times than most Astrologers like to say, but since you know how to charm the pants off anyone, people let you get away with it.

The sign of Balance means indecision - and yes, sitting on the fence is common, but you don't see the need to hurry into anything. Most people would call that lazy.But when someone rushes you, you always know exactly what you want. In the end, as I said, you get your way.

I love watching Librans hanging pictures on the wall. They turn into Virgo. Maybe thats why more interior decorators are born under your sign - and you'd make a good photographer too with your eye for detail, perspective and symmetry. You're the Feng-Shui expert - you seem to know what looks good and where. So you're a designer, a fashion expert, vain (yes you are) but your taste is unsurpassed.

Life can't be bad born under Venus. True, you hate arguing, but you're a good diplomat so you're always at the scene of some sort of strife. You know the power of 'buttering' someone up and we all fall victim to it, but it just works so well. Why push to get what you want, when you can pull on peoples vanity, insecurity and need to feel loved. You know the power of Magnetics. 

Ah that legendary smile, Libra. We started there so let's end here too. No matter what happens, don't stop flashing us that grin. You were born to be beautiful, seek beauty, and create and share beauty.

Someone once said to me "Librans don't make love, they make Art".

Well said.

(c) Neil D Paris NewWorldAstrology.com
Fair, Equal, Compromiser
Master of Mediation
Built for Partnership
Artistic & Aesthetic
Design Abilities
Gets own way with honey
Peacemaker, Diplomat, Mediator Weighs up every option
Indecisive due to above
True Romantic
Seeks Beauty & Peace
People Person & Pleaser

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