Most people know something about Leo Lions. I've yet to meet a Leo who wasn't amazing in the spotlight (even if they're generally shy), generous and open. Well actually I have, but even then the negative Leo is defined by the "light they won't let out"...and that is a sad, and terrible waste of creative life-force.

Leos are all born to impress their creative potential upon the world, to command attention, to show off, lead and stand out as an example to us all. All Leos I have ever known are the only people who can walk into a room and immediately capture everyone's attention.

Whether you take to the stage, head a company or just enjoy a simple life, you will always seek to express your creative potential. A stifled Leo is a lonely and frustrated creature. If you don't Create, you wither away.

Everything is larger than life for every Leo - my Leo friends as I recall, have either had Big Plans, large spacious apartments, (or small ones they cram their lives treasures and immense personalities!). Life is meant to be a pleasure, a source of Joy for the Leo who proclaims "look what i can do!"

Giving from the heart is a quest for the Lion, to be regal and noble, no matter what. No wonder so many souls in positions of power, (monarchs, presidents) have Leo energy in their charts. 

Watch your back, Leo - it's the first area to often have a problem if you're being too rigid and unbending. And watch that ego - Leo pride has been known to ruin quite a few romantic stories and professional paths. Know your strengths, help others with theirs and refuse to bow down to riff-raff behavior.

Your path, Leo, is to shine - to become a Sun even in the darkest skies. It is your duty, your mission and Destiny to become a Star in some area of your life. Be the Best and refuse to compromise your standards.

And keep creating!Neil D Paris
(c) Neil D Paris
Leo, the Lion
 (Jul 22 - Aug 21)
Creative Powerhouse
Huge, Generous Heart
Proud & Playful
Great with children
Works any Room
Boss, CEO, King, Queen
Show off on Stage
Performer by nature
Romantic, needs Drama
Risk-Taker, Gambler
Lives to Love & Shine
Ego Driven to Self-Express

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