Gemini reminds me of the breezes that refresh me here in Spring. As June hits, Geminis begin to celebrate their existence.

As the sign of Curiosity I have yet to meet a single Gemini Twin who isn’t always commuting, zipping here and there, asking questions, talking to everyone and anyone, and filling their mind with facts, figures, numbers and collecting people and places.

Gemini is the messenger of the zodiac family, here to unite us through information. Perhaps that’s why you’ll always catch a Gemini on their cell, chatting online, writing, speaking, passing on things they have discovered. 

What’s this about being two-faced?

I prefer to see Gemini as being in a constant dialogue with their brain hemispheres. There’s little Gemini cant put their mind to – the Jack-of-all-trades is how many perceive you. You’re the Peter Pan – always a child and forever making people laugh, smile, scream – if you look back you’ll forever be remembered for what you said, - or never had a chance to.

Your words are powerful – more so than you realize. As I think back over my Gemini friends, lovers, partners and so forth – I recall one constant thread – you’re such good talkers. Often it comes out as elaborate stories, downright lies, but you always entertained me and you always have SOMETHING to share that kept me entertained.

As the sign of information, get out and continue your path of weaving webs, connecting the dots, questioning it all and sharing your findings. You’re a free spirit so don’t let anyone ever tie you down – you’re like the breeze I feel as I write this on a hot, LA summer afternoon 

Neil D Paris
(c) Neil D Paris
Gemini, the Twins
 (May 19 - June 19)
Master Conversationalist
Quick witted and curious
Freedom-loving youth
Trivial Pursuit Mind
Great Salesperson
Superficial & Scattered
Ability to lie on demand
Writing & Speaking skills
Messenger across media
Easy come Easy Go
Ability to think on feet
Eternally Curious

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