Full In-depth Natal Report
80-100 full pages of your own Personal Life Blueprint, specially compiled by Neil!
Men's Report, Women's Report, Gay, Lesbian, Boy & Girl Reports and more!

* Written Reports can give you a very wide range of information, but a telephone reading goes further, as the Astrologer can combine information, and give a humanistic approach. Computer Reports pull relevant information of your chart together, but for a cohesive interpretation and more personal insight consider talking with Neil direct with a Phone Consultation.
80-100 page Report for only $75!

Your Full Natal Report includes:

* NEW! Now includes a look at your Sedna and Eris house placements with personal interpretations for even greater depth.

*An introduction to Astrology and your Personal Blueprint of Life, what it means, how to read it and other information invaluable to your Journey.

* Rules of the Road - spiritual 'rules' in living a physical life on Earth.

* Your Balances - signs, elements, modes, quadrants,  and hemispheres. No technical jargon, just a simple synopsis of your main 'energies'.

* Your Personal Lunar Phase - something many Astrologers don't take into account and how it affects your "life-theme". There are eight possible lunar phases to be born under. This section explains which is yours and what it means.

* Your House Cusps and the energies affecting the 12 sectors of your life, with a full breakdown and detailed explanation of each.

* An in-depth exploration through each of your personal planets, their houses, planetary aspects to other points in your Chart and what it all means.

* A look at each placement from a "spiritual" point of view, with possible karmic overtones and themes and what it means in your current life.

* How your background has shaped you - and likely genetic and parental patterns passed along to you to work through, resolve or break free from.

* A deeper look at your Rising sign - and possibly pitfalls to self-expression. What this means in your relationships. Includes your "spiritual symbol" via your "Ascendant".

* - What you seek sexually, and who you are likely to be drawn towards. Includes a look at Juno - the asteroid believes to show we will 'end up with' as opposed to who we just find attractive (Venus).

* The Sabian Symbols for each planetary placement. Useful for creative work, dream analysis, personal meditation or just personal curiosity on the major themes in your life.

* Detailed overview and breakdown of your Lunar Nodes and their importance. Some Astrologers miss this from their analysis but I've found it to be perhaps the most important aspect in a Birth Chart analysis!  You'll see why.

*A look at your Midheaven and your career aptitudes, energies and patterns.

* Saturn & Pluto - lessons, karmic obsessions and what your "power test" is in this life. Where you're likely to encounter challenges to growth and your Soul Mission.

* Something for everyone - easy to read, follow and understand, yet deep and detailed for those seeking further self-knowledge.

You name it, your Report has advice
to help you navigate it.

I have compiled 80-100 packed pages of information to create Your very own unique Natal Birth Chart Report.

This Report is unlike any you'll find anywhere online and although it doesn't take the place of a Personal Reading* it comes pretty close.

If you're ready to take the plunge and find out the secrets of your Birth Chart, unlock new energy doors and are generally curious as to what your chart says, this Report is for you.

It's  a big read but very worthwhile. Take your time, refer back.
80 + FULL pages packed with personal information on your personality, "issues"
(no holds barred!) challenges and gifts.

Each section comes with even a look at your family and parental background to see how it has shaped you. A great report for those with no knowledge of Astrology but also a great read for seasoned Astrologers or those with a firm grasp of the field.

Collected from the best sources, and combined with personal insights, this Report can be used as a tool of self-exploration and life understanding.

Deep stuff, but easy to understand and more than you could have hoped for.
I know you'll love it!

You'll gain more insight here than you think. The Report looks at all your Planetary Positions, Houses and Aspects and also contains special sections detailing your karmic patterns -  from Saturn and your past and present challenges, the karmic Lunar Nodes to help you discover Past Lives, present challenges and your Life Path and Esoteric Astrology for those seeking a more spiritual approach. 
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