if you want something done, ask a Capricorn. At least you know you can rely on them, amongst a world full of fuzzies. Over the years I've come to learn that Capricorns are a much misunderstood bunch. They're so UNDERSTATED! They hide quietly in the background most days, despite being the only sign that seems capable of running the show, and working hard and not complaining. 

Capricorn is the sign of reverse aging which is why most of them are born old and progressively get younger as the years go by. Snag an older Capricorn when you can if you want TRUE experience. And if you want a young body and old soul, grab a younger Cappie. 

As the sign of Winter, Capricorns get to know all about finding fuel to sustain them through the cold months. Most of them are driven to work work work, to achieve, to scale the heights. None of them are content with a menial position. They are no one servant but gladly help you out when they can. 
Patience pays off - look around and you'll find a Capricorn in your own life who is comfortable sitting where he belongs - on top, in command and in control. Or slowly but surely progressing up the ladder knowing one day he'll have his time in the light. 
No matter how shy, quiet or how loud and extroverted (there are some) every Capricorn is all set on being the best at what they do. They want to prove themselves - to whom, who knows, perhaps a parent who laid down the law, perhaps to society perhaps just to break their own records. But my goodness they are good at what they do. Give yourselves a pat on the back, Goats. 
This is the sign ruled by Saturn and Time. Clock themes are prevalent for Goats, I wonder if they've spotted it already. Can you guess the time to within 5 minutes? Do you love watches or loathe wearing one. Do you see repeated patterns on clocks? Fascinating stuff. 
I'll close with saying that true success comes from laying the steps along the way. Sometimes it truly is best to follow the rules, because in doing so, some day you'll be in a position to re-write them, disobey them or follow your own - and finally, give them

. And isn't that true success and ultimate freedom?

It makes sense and Capricorns are full of it.
Neil D Paris
(c) Neil D Paris NewWorldAstrology.com
Capricorn, the Goat
December 21 - January 20
Ambitious Climber
Comedy Timing of a Pro
Masterful Authority
Overcomes any obstacle
Gets younger thru time
Hard Worker
Reliable & Practical
Privately super sexy
Manager, Boss, Principle
Go-Getter with head for 
the heights
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