Cancer, the Crab
 (June 21 - July 22)
Every Cancer I have ever met, was cuddly. I don't mean 'large' (although many of them are because they do so love their food) I just mean huggy, cuddly, lovable. I have yet to meet a Cancer Crab who doesn't have a strong link to their Mother (for Better or Worse)  or 
who didn't have amazing Emotional Recall - keeping ticket stubs from movies, napkins from restaurants and other things collected from important days in their History. And those who were great at photography home decor, cooking or otherwise making people feel Cared For.  

Cancer is a Water sign connected to the Womb.  They seek out places of comfiness from a personal sofa they can lounge in, a bed with amazing duvets and 60,00 pillows scattered across it; a Cancer's home is more a womb than anywhere else.  Visit one, and you will see. Family is important to Cancer, as is the Past. They spend a lot of their time reviewing where they have been, in life (trips down Memory Lane) through pictures, conversations or their amazing memories - they reinforce who they are and where they are this way, yet never losing touch with those people, places and things that helped them get to where they are today (again, for better or worse). 

Cancer remembers. 

Waterworks are inevitable when you are this sensitive, giving you a reputation of being an Emotional Manipulator at times, using your feelings as a device to create Guilt, just like a typical Mother Hen. You are the Mother of the zodiac, perfectly placed to help people feel better - and also to provide for yourself in the deal. 

Making a home space and getting comfortable in your body is a lifelong quest and one you'll spend money, years, energy and devotion in building. Home is a Spiritual place - you can be at home anywhere, Cancer and although you may get homesick if you stray too far from the familiar, you always carry it within you and you're always connected to those, whose hearts you've touched. Therein lies your comfort and company on life's long, winding, and often lonely, road.
Neil D Paris
(c) Neil D Paris
Provider & Protector
Emotional Comforter
Home is everything
Seeks close bonds
Withdrawn or Private
Quietly Ambitious
Strong, Deep, Inner Life
Enjoys Creature Comforts
Strong Comfort Zones
Habit Forming
Plays Mom to others

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