What is Astrological Coaching and 
what can it do for me?
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What I do and what I can do
 for you

Your Personal Birth Chart is a 
Roadmap of Your Life
Weekly Scope

That's why I'm here, to aid you in your own Quest. 
Now let's get down to why YOU'RE here.
I look forward to providing over 17 years experience  
to share with you the Story of Your Own Life Path. 

Your Astrologer,
Neil D Paris

You are as unique as they come. A 'one-off'. Equipped with all the things you need to resolve 
your issues, answer your questions and uncover your treasures to create your own experience.

Astrology is basically a study of Time: Your Time - your humble beginnings, your upbringing, your current situation and set-up, your own trends, cycles, patterns, energies - and where things are likely to head, what you keep on drawing to you (people, relationships, situations) to work on, and where your True North is. Yep, Astrology can locate this for you - as a reminder. 

You already know - but Astrology can uncover that for you 
to put you back on track 
and in touch with your Unique Life Path.

You still have to do the work - but what an amazing thing, having the wind behind you instead of in your face!  Your own personal navigation system, that is tailored to YOU. Profound, let Simple. Practical, and indisputably accurate - once you explore or experience it for yourself,

Every life is different. So we can't use methods that are generic. Not everyone thinks, feels or acts the same way. That's where Astrology is a most beautiful and succinct Science - no one shares the same Chart as you. 

And the analysis of your own Birth Chart by a professional Astrologer, employing sensitivity, life-experience and entrusted intuition; a most wonderful and worthy Art.

Do you hear of  "life coaching" and immediately think, 'Who has their own life SO together they have the power to 'coach' me in the Art of Being Human?'

Well, I agree with you!  No one walking Planet Earth  - a physical plane of splendid beauty yet faulty wiring;  artistic architectures yet eroding infrastructures - has their life all wrapped up in a perfect bow. It's simply not possible. 

 That's the difference between regular life-coaching and Astrology Coaching. The methods I use are for anyone and take us through the seasons and cycles of our lives. In Stages. Manageable Chunks. We get to slow down and see the Bigger Picture, through the small details that escape our notice in day-to-day life but which have deeper and more significant meanings for the person living them - us!

Take a look at the Readings & Reports on offer below.
Once you take a look yourself at what Astrology offers (as opposed to what you think you know, from decades of misinformation) you'll know without question its validity and usefulness. Who better to judge, than yourself?

I employ the practical tools of Astrology to show you the rich relevance and meaning it has for you personally; putting you back in touch with who You really are - what you need, want, and what you can aim for and achieve in the space of this lifetime. We effect great change in our lives by uncovering, acknowledging and then working with the cycles and personality traits & tangles we were uniquely born into, as they change and grow with us through time. 

That's self-empowerment, without the need for anyone telling us what to do! And that's where your personal Birth Chart comes in.  It's a physical, practical representation of YOU in all your beauty, potential, possibilities and worldly wackiness! It's a unique, specific road-map of your own journey, an X-ray of your own Psyche.  To see some examples, take a peek here.