Aries, the Ram
March 20 - April 20 
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You're the first sign of the zodiac, which means you like to be first, you like to do things first and basically your life is about discovering new things - you're a Pioneer - new people, new places, new food, new challenges. 

You're the sign of War, which means yes you do like to fight, but more importantly, you like to overcome obstacles. Anything that gets in your way, you'l find a way around. You're the sign of the Child - in Astrology, Aries is the first sign and the Soul that chooses to be born an Aries wants the freshness of naivite, of new experiences, new horizons. 

So you're always ready for a Challenge, always ready to rise to it, and you're a Child (which can mean you're a little bit selfish at times, many people complain that Aries are always talking about themselves, but that's your Life Path. You're here to decide what makes YOU tick. 

You're here to start new projects, you're here to be the one to get it moving - you're a leader of sorts, and yet vanity does play into that, you need to think about yourself a lot to figure out what makes you you. How can you achieve anything in this world unless you know who you are and what you desire? 

So you're a Child at heart, you like toys. Male Aries like to wear baseball caps or put things on their head. Female Aries like to dress up playing with make up. Something to do with the head is very important with Aries. Maybe you have a scar there from past battles (or past lives). Maybe you have a birth mark. Maybe you like to wear hats or glasses. Something relating to your Head stands out from the crowd. Maybe it's those infamous Aries eyebrows that make the shape of your sign (according to Astrologer Linda Goodman). 

You're here to be first, be seen, be noticed but just calm down that aggressive side, not everyone is as courageous as you, and not everyone likes to treat life like a battle to be won.

Neil D Paris
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