They say genius and madness walk a fine line – the tightrope that Aquarians all walk. From my own experiences of Aquarius – they represent the human spirit to break free and refuse to conform to anything or anyone who purports to knowing the truth.

Rules were meant to be broken right? At one point people believed the world was flat. How insane, we say, but it’s true. Some people chose to believe differently and find out for themselves. 

Aquarians are the ones here to change history by changing the present moment. They live in the future – and each of them are time-travelers back on Earth to shift us all in a new direction.

It’s the Age of Aquarius so this sign is essential now – stand up and reclaim your power to Break Free, Aquarius!

As I write this, the song Imagine by John Lennon just came over the radio. Utopia is the ideal of Aquarius. They create it by finding a new way. They don’t believe in a status quo because they know that Change is the only constant.

What a quirky, crazy, fun-loving and intelligent bunch you are. You’re not a water sign – the symbol is of electricity, telepathy, microwaves – energy, information. You crackle, have an aptitude for technology and operate on a level few truly understand. You’re unique – never to be repeated and you enjoy that. You aim to shock – and believe we should all be free to choose as we see fit. true independence based on openness of knowledge and equality.

Keep up the great work Aquarius. Be a rebel WITH a cause. Show us a new way. You remind us all that Friendship is what it’s all about – if we make friends, we don’t have time to create war. Everyone is in this together and your life stands as a testament to that.

(c) Neil D Paris
Aquarius, the Water Bearer
January 20 - February 19
Unusual and Inventive
Unique Free Spirit
Status Quo Shifter
Paradigm Buster
Freedom Fighter
Scientific Observer
Friends with Everyone

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